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  1. It came with a V-21-N marked gold trident.
  2. I know. Old posting. But... shock would be more desirable a factory manufactured KREW 2 clutch silver trident or a sterling cast copy? I was just given a KREW marked 2 clutch trident that looks to be a factory made one. Also does anyone know when KREW made these and why? Thank you and God bless the US!
  3. Picked this up a while back and just re-found it in a box in my garage. Is this a military or veterans buckle. Thanks in advance to all. Sorry about the picture. It's the best I can do right now.
  4. Thank you for your input. Appreciate your opinion.
  5. These have been on the Bay for a while as Unknown. Wondering if anyone can ID these. About 3" wide. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you. 2 post before mine says the Air Assault badge was designed in 1971 and not worn until 1974. Maybe the initial run was in sterling? Now I'm really confused. 😁 And I though jump wings were tough to nail down.
  7. Would a sterling silver, clutch back, Air Assault badge be a rarity?
  8. Thank you for that information.
  9. I saw this old post an was hoping someone could help with an ID. Thank you in advance!
  10. What's the title of your book?
  11. Just picked this up off of the Bay. I'm guessing this is a Type 1? Circa 1956?
  12. That's still pretty cool. I wonder how many actually survived? Thank you for your input.
  13. Thank you for your input. That would make sense. I was hoping they were more "official".😁
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