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  1. Hi Gil,  Hope this message finds you safe and well? I would like your opinion on this one?  The Marine patch comes from a reputable dealer with a high 100 percent rating...no negatives..many sales and a member of the forum with good standings. 


    It really looked good.  It was listed as a Japanese made Vietnam Era jacket patch.  


    Can you give me an estimated year that you think it was worn?


    It won't be listed as part of my Marine Groupings..But I think it will look nice with it.  These are the photos from Ebay.  Right corners are not shown.  All other details excellent.  Link not necessary for this one.


    Reply at your convenience...Thanks,  sky eagle.





    s-l1600 - 2020-07-29T214601.692.jpg

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-29T214610.463.jpg

    1. gwb123


      Looks right for a Japanese made patch, roughly from the Vietnam era.  That backing material is typical of Japan.

    2. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      Thanks Gil,  Have a Good Day and Be Safe.

  2. Welcome to the Forum...Some Good people here with the right knowledge.
  3. Thank You Gentlemen, You are so kind to provide me with this information.
  4. Can any member tell me the date by year when this U S N Jacket was worn? Here is a label and picture from the Jackets liner. Thanks,
  5. Welcome to the Forum! You will meet the most knowledgeable people here.
  6. Sorry for the injuries...but glad all are alive. Thanks for the update Bob.
  7. sky eagle


    May his Spirit Rest In Peace .
  8. Gil, I previously downloaded the back of the wrong patch....Sorry!

    This is the one for your opinion.   Thanks!

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-06T124620.849.jpg

    s-l1600 (56).jpg

    1. gwb123


      The seller has an excellent reputation.  Chances are it is good.


      If you are looking at eBay, please send a link to the auction if you would like me to look at something.


      You might want to get some other opinions.

    2. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      This is one of the selective patches...I have been looking for.  With all of the fake patches  

      on the internet..it is difficult to know what is real and who is a credible dealer?


      Gil,  In the future...I will accommodate, you with the links for better identification of patches.


      Through you......and your knowledge, I am getting my education of how to proceed.


                                                All the Best,   sky eagle








  9. Hi Gil,


    Saw this patch on ebay.  Two bids so far...Real or Fake?   Thanks!

    s-l1600 (56).jpg

    s-l1600 - 2020-06-21T161345.484.jpg

  10. Blue Skies! Welcome to the Forum!
  11. Gil, I just realized my mistake...😳...I meant VMF-223.

  12. Hi Gil,

    Would appreciated your opinion on this patch.  The patch is listed as a USMC VMF-322

    from the 1950 Korea War.


    Is the patch Real or another Fake?  If Real...What you offer for it?


    Reply at your first opportunity,  Thanks,  sky eagle

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-02T212656.652.jpg

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-02T212708.574.jpg

    s-l1600 - 2020-07-02T212717.795.jpg

    1. gwb123


      I'm not sure.  This is not my area of expertise.


      There are a number of USMC flying unit patches that have come out of Vietnam in recent years.  


      Seller is relatively new on eBay, and there are zero bids on it.  He's had had other USMC patches listed, and claims this is from an estate.  It's a nice story, but I have no idea how true.  There are no bids on this at the moment and hat is not a good sign.


      Compare to:  https://www.flyingtigerantiques.com/korean-war-vintage-usmc-vmf-223-marine-fighter-squadron-223-jacket-patch.html



    2. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      Thank you,  I am like you...I don't feel comfortable with this one.  I will pass on it.

                                                      Thanks again!!  sky eagle

  13. Welcome to the Forum!
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