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  1. I just found this in the bottom of an old for sale stuff box. It has on the back a simple pencil written text, "Signal Set from Army Air Corps". In fact, you see both AAF and Sig Corps insig on the officers, but I can't think of a reason they should be in a photo together. I've included a close up that shows two officers, one Sig Corps, one AAF. It's pretty informal too. Any thoughts?
  2. I've seen them on all kinds of web gear and some leather goods as well. This one appears to be for stuff issued to trooper number 35, B Troop, 10th Cavalry, Buffalo Soldiers. Great little piece.
  3. I got this book in 1988 from the sole surviving Zero pilot who was flying in support of Admiral Yamamoto the day he was shot down. The Admiral Nimitz Museum in Texas was holding a symposium to look at the event and invited all the surviving pilots, American and Japanese. During that event, Mr. Yanagiya gave me a copy of this book, completely in Japanese and though I do not remember the title, it obiously is about the air war in the Pacific. I have included a copy of the cover and a few pages from the book. Anyone know anyone who could translate the title?
  4. Does this qualify as the marking you were looking for?
  5. I've had a couple of boxes of USMC buttons for decades now and its time for them to go, but first I need to know what I have available. The sizes run from just over and inch to less than half an inch and there are many makers represented. The biggest ones are nearly flat, the next size down are very dimensional. Can anyone help here?
  6. There is just the one bolt in the stock. Hope that’s a good thing.
  7. Here are some bolt pics, maybe they will help.....
  8. Sorry to be so uninformed, but where should I look for bolt markings? Same for bolts on the stock.
  9. Unfortunately, I do not have positive proof of ownership and origin of this pistol. It belonged to a retired navy captain in L A from whom I received a bunch of WWI material including his Navy Cross. I’ve mentioned this grouping in this forum before. I remember reading Capt. Smith’s will years ago and he explained in great detail about all his stuff, but I think that copy of the will was disposed of years ago in my Dads stuff. I do have some other NRA stuff from Smith, but it’s mostly membership signup literature, or shooting range info etc. would be great if the NR A had purch
  10. Is it possible, and reasonable, to find parts to take this back to a non “A1” pistol?
  11. I can find no evidence of cartouches on the stock. The barrel has a beautiful marking under the front sight, “RIA 6-13”.
  12. I've had this rifle since 1971 and want to be sure that I know all about it before I decide its future. What other information to I need to provide or additional pics should I take to get questions answered?
  13. Because I received such good information concerning my early M1911, I thought I would also ask about what I called my "beater" which I bought while I was waiting for my father to finally give me the early pistol. I'm not any kind of ordnance guy, so basic info would be welcome. As far as I could see, there were no markings on the barrel. I suppose the main question is, did the main components start life together or is this a depot shuffle weapon? Thanks for your help.
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