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  1. Mine has the laurel.
  2. I'll have to take some new pictures. I was mistaken about the handle. It is leather, not sharkskin. The blade is etched on both sides.
  3. There is still some gilt visible; most of it has worn off. The grip is sharkskin.
  4. It is the middle sword in the second picture. I'll try and take some newer pics.
  5. About 14 years ago, I bought a sword off of eBay. The seller stated it was an Marine officer's sword from the 1859-1875 era. It has the USMC etching on the left side and W H Horstmann & Sons, Philadelphia on the right side. Engraving on both sides-scroll work, shield, E Pluribus Unum. There is no visible date stamp. I have seen pictures of the 1850 Foot & Staff officer's sword that had the USMC and a serial number stamping. There are a few traces of gold gilt present. There was no scabbard. I would like to put an approximate date on it. If I had my druthers, it would have belonged to a Marine officer who resigned his commission and joined the Confederate Marine Corps.
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