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  1. a more technical question i guess, sorry to bother. I was wondering what kind of pens the soldiers were using when making their famous helmet or jacket graffities ? As the textile contains nylon it isnt as easy as it would be on pure cotton. And even if, i doubt that the regular soldier was having an Edding within his equipment. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot upfront
  2. One of my first projects. I called it " Green Horses" as this was the expression used by foreign friend referring to Berlins Brandenburger Gate with the Quadriga on it. The embroidery is handmade and so is the print. The print refelct exact the sign at Checkpoint Charly. In the center you may see what I call the souldboard. It contains all the informations we could collect. By adding this kind of patch we secure that the informations will remain regardless who wons the jkt. the most of the seams were repaired with small soft leather to make them lasting and also adding some value ( struggeling with size to upload here - sorry )
  3. Thats awesome man, woow. Sorry i cant provide any further infos, but the jkt is a stunner. And i see im not the only one here who loves stencil name tapes and real used garment... The CBs print is the sugar on top here. Congrats
  4. Hello Community, Thanks a lot for letting me join. Though im afraid to say that I probably wont be able to contribute much, because im simple far from any expert as the most of you guys are. Well, though why I am here ? Im a fashonista, and i customize garement, mostly jackets. And when we talk about jackets and style it doesnt take long til you end up with military garment. Thats where a lot started. When i mention "customize", then this means in my case: I pick a used item, and I try my best to find the story behind it Like : Who was the owner ? What did he do ? Whats the history ? i call it detecting the items soul. And then its up to creativity to make sthg out of all the research. Sometimes the research takes far longer than the production. But its worth it as each single piece has his authenticity. And thats where the value comes from: The story behind it. Because stories always means emotions. My main interst in US Military history is everything around the Viet Nam story. Let me add one last personal detail: Im not into politcs much. But I grew up with my Grands and the entire family calling GIs the " American Angels ". Because they wiped out the Nazis, they sacirfied to bring freedom. And every single soldier deserves our gratitude for that and shall never be forgotten. As the elder passing away now one after the other, i try to keep this spirit alive with making some jackets. So whatever you may think about my work, like or dislike, you all can be assured that everything i do is done with a lot of respect ! Thanks for reading.
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