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  1. That’s awesome. I am always watching out for DCUs with CIB/CAB/CMB and this one particularly interested me because given the assortment of patches it made it identifiable to a pretty specific deployment which isn’t very common. Crazy that id actually find someone who know the soldier as well.
  2. That’s awesome. Hats off to you sir.
  3. I was not in the military so I don’t have an experience with this units history other than the little bit of information I can find online. There were armor components of the brigade that deployed but the first deployment to Iraq occurred in April of 2004.
  4. Thanks! Yea now that I’m looking at it more it seems to make sense that the combat patch wouldn’t have been from previous service. The stitching on the underside of the SSI, Rank and both takes is a pale green/grey color so all likely done at the dane time. The CAV combat patch and flag are a light tan color. And the CIB is white. So would seem to make sense that the soldier added the combat patch after being deployed rather than wearing it from a previous deployment. Then earned the CIB and sewed it on last. It came with the trousers as well. Appreciate the reply.
  5. Just got this 81st BCT DCU with forward facing 1st Cav patch and CIB. I know that the 81st BCT 1st Battalion, 161st Infantry was attached to the 1st Cav during its deployment to Iraq I’m 2004-2005. Would being attached to the 1st Cav qualify this sergeant to wear a 1st Cav combat patch? Or could it be a coincidental previous service patch?
  6. Thanks for the responses. Sweet pasgt. I have a British Mk6a with a desert DPM cover under the MTP cover. Always sweet to find a little bonus.
  7. Awesome information! Thanks. Just still weird that the name tape isn’t in the same situation. Guess we will just never know it’s one of those things. Just find little things like this interesting. Part of the enjoyment of collecting these is discerning or trying to discern what information you can from them. Thanks
  8. Maybe. The name tape does not have anything under it or is there any visible evidence that anything ekes was ever in its place. So unless at one time the soldier had a green BOS with tan name tape that seems unlikely to me. But I was never in the military so I honestly couldn’t say that’s why I asked.
  9. Perhaps this was issued in the early 90’s then reissued in the early 2000’s to this soldier who got it with the green BOS already on and then just proceeded to put what he needed onto it? Iv been told that uniform items were in short supply around that time.
  10. Yea I had never seen it before either. Maybe whenever the soldier was issued this DCU he wasn’t able to get a desert BOS so just put a green one on until one was available. Then rather then cut it off just decided to save the headache
  11. I just got this 3ID DCU and noticed that there appears to be a green BOS tape underneath the tan one. The tan one is simply sewn overtop. This has a 91 contract date, although I know it could have been made after, and I know that green woodland insignia was used in the early desert uniform days so I’m wondering if this wasn’t issued in the early 90’s. Does anyone know if all tops were issued clean or if they were issued with the BOS already sewn on? And perhaps this was a hold over from an earlier time that when finally was issued the soldier just sewed the tan tape over it since by then they were available? Also do these look like theater made rank? They are thinner than others I have. You can also see where the flag was relocated for the combat patch.
  12. Looks like you are correct. The pattern is simply the stitching from where the folded seam is stitched inside the sleeve. Peculiar. I don’t think this is something that could have been done simply by some force pulling on the sleeve. It seems the stitching must have been deliberately cut. So looks like this actually wasn’t repaired at all. Don’t know why the other sleeve seems unaltered. Here’s a pic of both inside sleeve seams and another pic of the outside of the sleeve in question where you can see the darker green stitching from the strait seam at the bottom.
  13. I’ll have to turn it inside out and look at the other sleeve when I get home. Strange if that’s the case that it was only done on one sleeve.
  14. Interesting. I’m not familiar with working and seeing fabric but it seems an odd way to attach the sleeve. Looks to be fine by hand rather than just a machine stitch that would run in a line along the seam. Which I would guess would make the most sense for someone who was doing many repairs to many different items to surplus out
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