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  1. Fellow members, I would like it if you could take a look at the history section on the United States military beret flash Wikipedia article I have been working on. Because it is Wikipedia, I cannot go into great detail on stuff but I can provide an overview with some detail. I would enjoy reading your thoughts on what I may be missing from the history and any reputable sources that would help back them up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_military_beret_flash
  2. Thank you tredhed2! In regards to the Puerto Rico State Guard Beret Flash, given your picture and the 2019 ceremony photo I posted, what Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI) do you think he is wearing?
  3. Second question for this educated group of forum members. The Washington State Guard also wear a unique yellow, green, and white beret flash and based on how the state has them organized, they basically have three elements, an HQ, 1st Brigade, and 2nd Brigade. New photos of these state guardsman show them wearing the HQ beret flash (no tick marks) and I cannot find any recent photos of anyone wearing the 1st or 2nd Brigade versions. However, I did see a note in a Flickr posting that suggest the brigade specific beret flashes are no longer used. Does anyone have information as to whether th
  4. I know this is an old thread, so sorry to be resurrecting it. Does anyone have good information on the currently worn Puerto Rico State Guard beret flash? I have seen photos of their old beret flashes and a recent Facebook photo of a Puerto Rico State Guardsman participating in a funeral ceremony that suggest the current beret flash is different than what I can find online. Here are some photos of the Puerto Rico State Guard beret flashes I have found as well as a zoomed-in and edited (for privacy) version of the 2019 funeral ceremony photo, mentioned above. Can anyone help me find the cur
  5. I will trust you guys on this for what you are saying is logical, but the lighting really makes it look like a white bordered oval with a blue and white intersection of some design; that's very different from the Airborne Division (Infantry School) oval.
  6. I agree that is the background trimming you are referring to, but I don't believe that's the one MAJ McKinney is wearing due to the white or silver color in the oval. It could just be the lighting the is fooling me.
  7. MPage, do you think the background trimming in question is all blue? It looks blue and white (maybe blue and silver) to me. When I try and draw the background trimming, I think it looks like this.. If I am correct, I cannot find that design anywhere. Thus, I am probably wrong.
  8. Although I am new to this forum, I have been a long time admirer of the information gathered here and the breadth and depth of knowledge of those who participate. I look forward to contributing where I can. Question: The background trimming used on Major, then Captain, McKinney's beret does not match any background trimming I can find. The ones I see online that are identified as "Airborne Department, US Army Infantry School” are all blue and the one on MAJ McKinney's beret is white and dark-blue. It looks like a dark-blue or black oval with a white or silver border and a white center
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