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  1. I will as soon as I figure out how to post a picture without it telling me it's too big. ?
  2. I have a pair of those that were my grandfather's.
  3. I love the exhibit! Is this in your house or a museum-type place? Terri
  4. That is a lovely collection! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hello everyone! I feel like I stumbled into a great site. My grandfather served with the 166th Inf, under the 42nd Rainbow Div, in WWI. I have some of his items and pictures. My two uncles served during WWII, one in the 749th Tank Bn in Europe, and the other in the 714th Railway Bn in Alaska. I have some items from my uncle in the European campaign. I treasure all of their military items and the history behind them. I served 36 years in the medical field. My collection ranges from WWI to the present, but I am mainly interested in WWI, WWII and medical. I am currently label
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