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  1. Recently acquired around 50 rounds of 30-06 dating 1942 earliest. Is there anything to look out for before firing in my M1 Garand? Tips for cleaning/preparing? Thank you
  2. I have recently acquired a Vietnam Conetta “Kabar”, can anyone tell me about the history of Conetta themself? I’ve looked online and in this forum but not much is said for what this company is known for, what they produced before/after Vietnam, and how they acquired the contract. I know they made knives from 1968-1970, why did they stop after only two years? The knife I bought appears to be almost mint (despite the photos making it seem like the finish is off), is this blade parkerized or blued? One last follow up, is there any reference material you guys would suggest for MK2/1219c2 knives from WWII-present? Thank you for the help.
  3. Very interesting. I understand that KABAR/Utica Cutlery did not have the 1219c2 contract, but was any company manufacturing this style of knife during the Gulf war? My timeline for the MK2/1219c2 contract history is not too solid. I always found it interesting that KABAR became the blanket name for this style of knife but only had the military contract in WWII. Thank you
  4. Just wanted to show off my uncle’s Kabar he brought with him into the Middle East. From the stories he told, he used the knife as a tool to detect and neutralize mines. He would continually crawl and stab the sand in front of him until he made contact with metal, then would flip it over. If you look closely at the ricasso on the knife there appears to be sand still stuck. Does anyone know if this would’ve been issued to him or was it a private purchase? Did Kabar have the 1219c2 military contract at the time? Sadly he committed suicide shortly after his time in the marines, so any information would be great. Thank you
  5. Here I have a JPK from March 1967 with its original sheath and stone. Is there any way to tell what’s been written on it? I can tell that on the left side someone crossed out the abbreviation Sgt. and on the actual printed/stamped on text on the right it says March 1967 in the last line. Any tips/tricks to make it easier to see? Can you guys see anything? Thank you
  6. Acquired a practically brand new display case for free when a surf shop went out of business, great storage for my knives Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Any original photos of issued Jet Pilot Survival Knives being used in Vietnam/other eras? Just added a 1967 Camillus JPSK to my collection, beautiful piece.
  8. What are your guys favorite/best books going over issued knives from any period in the US? I’m very interested and would love to continue my collection while staying informed. So far I’ve collected a lot of WWII era blades but would like to branch out.
  9. Recently bought the Mk2, very cool to see the similarities first hand
  10. That’s really cool, how long have you been collecting? I’ve recently been researching bayonets specifically and just have the M1, but I’m very interested in expanding my collection. Thank you for the welcome
  11. Just recently bought the M1 Bayonet and M1943 Entrenching Tool. What unique pieces of field gear/edged weapons do you guys have? So far I have a lot of naval gear or job specific tools (field hatchet)
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