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  1. I am just now working on a P-400 and noticed this thread. I've been digging around to try and find the British serial numbers and the squadron aircraft numbers (e.g. BW167 #6), and names, for those planes that were flying in the 67th Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal on 14 Sept 1942 or at least identify those which were at Guadalcanal and their ultimate disposition (date of loss or condemnation). Even just a list of serial numbers BWxxxx and the date of condemnation may be sufficient. Also trying to figure out which were the nine planes with the shark mouth. I have identified six with shark mouths from photos: BW146 #20 "Whistlin' Britches", #22 (possible BW155), BW156 #12 "Fancy Nancy", BW166 #17 "Impatient Virgin", and BW167 #6 no name known, and a #32 (no other info known). And I'm even trying to determine spinner colors; white ones are obvious on BW156, BW166, and BW167, but definitely a darker color on BW146 and #22 (the possible BW155). One reference said they had white, red and blue spinners for different flights. Another said the spinners were white or olive drab, but I have one B&W photo that shows #32 with a spinner color which seems to match the red gums of the shark mouth. I found a photo of part of a wreck found on Guadalcanal attributed to BW157 which still has the red center dot in the insignia. As noted from the Ferguson "Island of Fire" book, 67th apparently were not aware of the policy to delete the red dot until Oct. 1942, and who knows when they implemented it. I also noted that "Fancy Nancy" BW156 #12 was wrecked on the ground by Japanese strafing 11 Sept. 1942. Thank you for any assistance! Doug
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