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  1. These are the equipment of the U.S. Marine Corps from World War II.The collection is a mixture of Original and Repro.There is still much to be desired. Thank you. Lee.
  2. Hi, Brig. Thanks for welcoming me. I think Korea has received a lot of help from the U.S. Marine Corps in the past, and I respect them.
  3. Thank you, Huey. I'm looking forward to your collection, too.
  4. Hi guys.I bought this item through eBay.and the seller said he was not sure if it was the original or not.When I received the item myself, there was an OD color with black stripes on both ends, and the USMC was embroidered in the middle.In addition, there was no tag on the blanket.Is this original? or is it fake?
  5. Hi, guys.I'm reenacting and researching the shotgunner of the U.S. Marines from World War II in Korea.It is also collecting personal and historical items from the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II.I think I'll get a lot of help from this forum.Nice to meet you.Lee.
  6. I bought an MK2 grenade and an M19 shotshells from this shop. The items were very satisfying and they are still active as my reenactment!
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