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  1. Nice Helmet! I've got one too, really neat history.
  2. Looks like a badly reworked M3 trench knife.
  3. Thanks for the help, Mike. I'll be on the lookout for one of Bill's Books.
  4. Thanks, Mike! Here is more pictures of the knife:
  5. I've seen a couple leather USN scabbards with no holes in the tips of them. Was this an occasional error in the manufacturing process?
  6. I've been doing research on ww2 ka-bars and I wanted to ask a general question about this thing I've been seeing every once and a while where the grooves in the middle to the handle are super close to each other. Like only one leather washer separating them. An example of what Im talking about: Anyways, is this a red flag when looking for a ww2 ka-bar or is it something that just happened sometimes in the assembly process? Thanks a lot in advance! P.S: I know I've been asking a lot of questions, I hope I haven't been to pestering ya'll.
  7. I'm just recently started to switch my interest from helmets to edged weapons, specifically ka-bars and I read a reference thread about "single side marked" ka bars and I was wondering if those are rare or more desirable, just so I can be on the lookout for one if it pops up. Thanks in advance!
  8. Just off the top of my head the 3rd infantry division participated in all of these, I believe.
  9. If anyone could please let me know if this knife is ww2 period that would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty sure it is late ww2 but these aren't exactly my specialty. The curved guard looks correct, but I've been wrong about these more than once. Sorry for the awful pictures by the way. The blade is in ok condition, but I think the handle and one side of the sheath have been treated at some point, which isn't a deal breaker, but is a bit of a bummer. Any feedback is good feedback and thanks a TON in advance!
  10. Thats a good point about the different contracts! I think that the unmarked ones were late war, I think they were the second to last variation. Thats a good theory! The 1917CT bolos would have been issued during early ww2 and replacement sheaths would have been eventually needed for some of them, by then being in the time frame that the new sheaths were being issued. I guess that means that a 1917CT bolo with a scabbard for the ww2 hospital corpsmans bolo would be a plausible original pair!
  11. Its possible but I would think if that was the case then they would have marked the blades with US as well during 1942?
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