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  1. Lt. Colonel John Alfred Metcalfe died from his wounds on 15th July 1944, aged 30 years, he received his wounds on 29th June 1944 and died in Cambridge, England. He was buried in the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, Plot E, Row 6, Grave 104, I have visited this beautiful cemetery many times in the past but will endeavour to visit there again on 15th July to commemorate the 76th anniversary of his passing.
  2. Hi Alex, I’ve just found your articles on Stanley Vincent Aeck, you will be delighted to hear that I can add more detail to your story. When Stan, as he was known to my family, arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland in early 1942, he was provided with meals by my grandmother. He became very friendly with my grandfather, grandmother, mother and uncle, who is still alive and celebrated his 90th birthday last week. My mother was only around sixteen at the time but Stan fell in love with her, respectfully so bearing in mind her tender age. After Stan was transferred to England later in 1942, th
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