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  1. Hello, have had this hanging around for a while. Obviously Artillery related. About 1.25” long. Each Crossed Cannon on ends spin without unscrewing from the “tube”. I have an idea but I’ll let an expert ID this for me. Thanks ahead. Randy
  2. Hello, thanks for the warning. I had no intention of scratching this. Appreciate your Input. Randy
  3. Hello, I was told this is a reproduction 2” navigator Pin. Any informed opinion would be appreciated. Thank You.
  4. Hello, any thoughts on this patriotic pin. I’m guessing Spanish American War or earlier. Pin has been replaced however the repair is pretty old.
  5. Travis Hello, Thanks. Sorry about the extra pictures. Randy
  6. Any knowledge on this variety of CIB. Was informed this is rare and valuable as it shouldn’t have hit the market. Regards, Randy
  7. Any information on this would be appreciated.
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