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  1. I’m sure this pistol belt, metal canteen and cover are WW2, but the canteen cover has a 1926 date stamp. Could this be early stock used during WW2?
  2. Sorry, read “the Manual” and saw that this morning. I assume the for sale forum will pop up after I reach 30 posts. I’ve got some good stuff I’ve found at yard sales that I know some collectors here will appreciate. Thanks for your response.
  3. Garage sale find: Underwater Demolition Team 22 vintage latex mold for unit plaque. I guess 1960-1970, 22 UDT based in Little Neck VA.. Likely used by unit members to make plaster casts for unit members. I haven’t tried to use the mold, but might try one. Any idea of the value of this sort of thing? Currently doing research for UDT contacts in the event a unit historian or museum would want.
  4. Is it permissible to post items for sale on this forum? I realize that the for sale section has a link to websites, but I’ve got some stuff I’d like to offer members directly to members, even if through separate/personal email channels. Please advise, and thank you.
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