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  1. Hi! I'm new here, but as I noticed conversation about theater made name tapes I thought it is a right place to show my find. I bought this US Navy Seabees M65 field coat with an aluminum zipper some time ago and the reason was these hand made tapes. They are not machine sewn but stencilled on a WWII USMC frog skin camo or the other side of the Mitchel; I cannot guess. Has anyone idea what is this? I was also trying to guess what patch was attached to the left arm velcro?
  2. Hi! I'm new too. After seeing what you have I don't know if I can still name myself „collector”. The helmet with the Mitchel camo cover and a big 37 looks awesome. Best
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a military enthusiast from Poland. Poland in Europe, not in Illinois, however there's Poland in every state. I am fascinated with US military uniforms in general, but I like Air Force and Navy jackets most. My interests range from WWII to present times, however most of my uniforms are from 60s and 70s. I enjoy finding distressed, customised and named uniforms on eBay and I have some from the time when I lived in Indiana. Stencils, pen marks, even paint drops and repairs are my favourites. I would like to find on this forum interesting examples of modified fatigues
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