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  1. Can anyone help me to narrow the period of this hallmark? It looks like Mid 30s - 1943 according to the table from this thread: Am I correct? Is it possible to find out the exact year? Thank you all in advance!
  2. Bullion, only one side, the badge is still attached to the frame.
  3. I totally agree with you on that. All the awards come with award documents. Also there are his birth certificate, school diploma, military pictures and more. All I was interested was his Cuba Orden Of Merito Vial. I'll keep the awards together despite my wife's threats, badges for me is something different, but like I said, I'm only thinking of it, checking the ground.
  4. It’s very inconvenient to post one picture per reply, also have to resize the pictures every time via the Internet due to size limitations. I’ll post, those that I've taken once, for new ones I need to get badges and documents from the storage.
  5. Thank you Mike. I've started a new thread in the WING BADGES section.
  6. Hello everyone, As part of the group that I bought for one particular award, I've obtained three WWI Naval Aviator wings, one silver, one bronze and one bullion type. The group came with extensive archive and among other things there were three documents: "Dirigible Balloon Pilot" - 10/30/1918, "Spherical Balloon Pilot" - 7/17/1918, both from Aero Club of America and Naval Aviator Certificate - 10/12/1918. All documents are in my opinion in perfect condition and has the recipient's picture in uniform, three different ones. As I've stated before, I only collect awards so most probably in n
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new here, as a starter, can you please tell me more about this wings? Period, manufacturer, how common are they? Also, where on the forum can I discuss the value, I bought a group of awards that includes three different type of WWI navy pilot wings, that I'd like to valuate. Thank you all in advance.
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