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  1. The result of everyone's input so far: Ditched the garrison cap; adjusted the collar disks; corrected the ribbons; added DUI pins to their correct positions. Hopefully this completes the summer uniform. Now I'll focus on the Class A suit!
  2. You make an excellent point, Dave. I've decided to drop the anachronistic garrison cap. I'll try to avoid any unnecessary accouterments as not to detract from the grouping. I'll keep this wisdom in mind if I every have any future projects in mind. Thank you. Thank you for your input. I'd love to see any photo references you can muster. Your specialty with 3rd Armored memorabilia could shed a lot of light in my 4th AD grouping.
  3. This is the kind of detail I'm looking for. Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you! I wouldn't have guessed that. Fixed right away.
  5. Update! I was able to scrounge up a few pieces and added them to the Summer Khaki shirt. As patches mentioned, 4th Armored DUI pins are rather scarce. I was able to find a NOS garrison cap from the late 90's and add the only pin I have at the moment. As they become available I plan on adding more pins to the epaulets.
  6. Phenomenal. Thank you so much for all your help today. If I have any more questions on the subject I know who to go to now. I think this should be enough information to get me started. Again, if there's any supplemental information that you think would be relevant, please feel free to share.
  7. Very nice display! That's good to know then. But for now I'll focus on the Class A. Especially given how rare 4th Armored pins appear to be. Besides, I doubt a regular soldier would have several sets of ribbons and medals for each of his service dresses, right? In any case, did the summer dress uniform have a unique hat? I feel like I've seen pictures in that era with people wearing their Class C with a green garrison cap. Perhaps it was just a different branch?
  8. I guess since we're here, is there anything I should do with the khaki uniform? I suppose khakis were mainly used as utility clothing so they'd have no reason to be decorated but I'm no expert. Would the khaki shirt have its own cap? If so, would it likewise have any special insignias I should keep in mind? I believe the soldier's obituary can be found here. The name written inside the uniform cap is pretty unique, and the years of service listed on the obituary fit very well with the style of uniform and the active years of the 4th Armored Division.
  9. Thanks again for the additional info! I'll do a bit more digging to see if I can't find a complete pair of DUI pins. Or find a reasonable alternative that would fit the time period. If you or anyone else have more general information about Class A uniform regulations of the era I'd love to hear it.
  10. I would like to keep the unit displays as generic as possible. I have a few collar disks and I was thinking of going with armor branch. Likewise for the DUI crests I've been trying to track down sets of 4th AD pins. This raises a question: If someone were to just display crests of the division they were in (as opposed to a regimental DUI) what would their job have been? Still keeping in mind their modest rank.
  11. Excellent! Thanks for info and for displaying my pics. I was wondering why they weren't showing up automatically like they used too. I couldn't even edit my own post.
  12. Hi all! I've got a "blank canvas" uniform and I'd like your help bringing it to its full potential. Pictured below is a US Army service uniform of an E-5 specialist of the 4th Armored division (It needs needs a good dry-clean, I know). Its quite bare, but it definitely used to have a lot more on it. Picked it up on eBay for cheap a while ago and it came with everything pictured. Not pictured was the matching service cap with a name inside. After a lot of research dead-ends, I was only able to come up with an obituary for the previous owner. So with that being said, I'd like to come back to the main topic of this post: how to realistically decorate this old uniform with ribbons and DUI crests. Considering this man was stationed in Germany and was discharged as a specialist, its safe to assume he probably didn't win any Medals of Honor. I want to show what the average enlisted man or draftee could've earned during a 3-year stint in Europe. Here's what I know: -4th Armored was active post-war in Germany from 1957 to 1971 -The original owner of this uniform served from 1965-1968 (if the obituary is correct) -He was discharged as an E-5 specialist. - A resource on the 4th AD in West Germany And that's everything. I'd also love to see any guidebooks or diagrams of what service uniform regulations were at the time. Please feel free to add any and all information you'd like to share on the green "Class A". All input is appreciated! https://i.imgur.com/aYx4gFp.png https://i.imgur.com/uaxQvyZ.png
  13. Thanks! Nice to meet an enthusiast from outside the US. Thanks! I definitely plenty of pieces for discussion, that's for sure.
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome! I guess I meant "modest" in the sense that it was relatively small scale. A lot of collectors stockpile examples of the same piece of equipment which is something I have no problem with. But for me, I'd like to document the "evolution" of American body armor. So there might be a few esoteric pieces thrown in but I'm still on the lookout for real "must-have" pieces. For example a Brodie helmet. I'm not sure what NY laws are but the general consensus for the US seems to be Kevlar and ballistic plates are legal as long as you're not a felon. My collection primarily comes from eBay, as that's where I find the best deals. Some of the most common body armor you'll find are old PASGT vests. M69 vests are pretty common but fairly expensive. More modern vests seem fairly common but get sold rather quickly. I'm only interested in complete sets and those are hard to come by. Some of my early examples are pretty rare and cost me too much. M1952As pop up from time to time but the M1955s are usually sold within a week of listing, regardless of price. I still need to get my hands on a decent 3rd pattern example so I've always got my eyes peeled. Here's an eBay tip: set alerts for the specific pieces you're looking for. That's how I've been able to snag so many of my pieces and fair(-ish) prices.
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