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  1. Just picked this up! Can any kind soul provide more info? Looks like a cruise patch... Seventh fleet construction gators?
  2. Hi @Salvage Sailor Would your "Atlantic" deck jacket be made from the same "jungle cloth" fabric as the earlier N-1 model? I know a very small number of deck jackets only from 1964 with contract number DSA-1-3347-64-C was made with that jungle cloth fabric. I cannot find any literature on why this was so! Hoping you have some knowledge!
  3. That is a great photo! Circa 70s? How do you tell if it's Japanese made? Thanks all !
  4. Hi! Just picked up a 70s jacket with these patches. What do you think? Looks legit?
  5. Hi @Salvage Sailor thanks for all the great info. I've been collecting the USN A-2 Deck Jacket for a while now, and that led me to lots of google searches for historical data. Surprisingly, there aren't many and this forum has been the most valuable in piecing together the history of this great jacket. Here's the gist of what I know: The USN A-2 Cold Weather Permeable Jacket is a predecessor of the N-1 deck, introduced in 1962 (that's the earliest contract I know of and own). The 1962 model had thicker olive-drab shell, Conmar zip, mil-spec mixed lining and a slanted pocket f
  6. I have a jacket with the top patch, really great even better in person. The other patches on the jacket have no ship names either, do you have any idea why some cruise patches would not have ship names? My guess is that they are souvenirs, even if authentic.
  7. Hi all! I just picked up this killer 1964 deck jacket. Love the patches and customized name "Shoemaker" and 'Playboy bunny' drawing None of the patches have any ship name on them, but mentions Far East Cruise 1966-67 Just wondering if anyone can connect the shipname to the sailor "Shoemaker" ? I tried looking at Westpac cruise books but it's a lot of ships that could be there in that year! Maybe the Playboy bunny is a clue? Thanks !
  8. Thanks! Hard to say, my 'tennant' might be a later generation, but who knows. Goes to show that the records are pretty vague after 1949!
  9. Thanks Dave, you have been extremely helpful!
  10. Hi all I just picked up this sweet deck jacket that has a USS Vega Af 59 patch and a handwritten " TENNANT" name, but on the rear has a USS Sculpin (smudged but looks like to me). I'm looking for a resource online to find who Tennant was. I've looked on Google, both for Vega and Sculpin with no results. I'm hoping the good folks here can help point me in the right direction Photos attached Thanks!
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