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  1. I realize now that the stamp may be hard to read due to the compressed size of image, but the date is 74.
  2. Hello everyone, I am Luke and am here for some help and guidance. Recently, I have become interested in M1's and there many accessories. This all started about a year ago when I found my M1C helmet liner that I've owned for over a decade sitting in my basement. I always knew it was there, but never really took much interest into it. My main research/collecting focus always centered on British/Commonwealth Mk2's and Mk2's copies along with the variety of helmets used by Norway (I know, quite a wacky jump). And while this still rains true, I feel like it's time for me to once again expand my horizons. So with saying that, I started myself a mission and ended up getting bit by the M1 helmet bug. Now, I have done as much research as I could but I feel like I have hit a wall on some certain subjects. With your guys' help, I would like to overcome this wall. This is what has lead me to joining this forum, as it seems like it will be a very fruitful source for learning about these helmets. Below are pictures of the liner and the parachutist book that came with it all those years ago. Somewhere in the basement is its chinstrap. Mid 70s M1C liner in amazing condition IMO.
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