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  1. There are a couple similarly themed to this: https://www.militarytour.com/american-d-day-commemorative-medal.html Can't remember which YouTube video I saw it in.
  2. Ah, I see the D-Day commemorative medal was instituted in 2001. Thanks for clarifying.
  3. I thought there were "period" ones issued during or shortly after the war ended? I am thinking of most of the well known awards for the ETO/PTO.
  4. Does anyone have a period authentic one? I didn't know they existed until I was watching an interview with a D-Day veteran. As my great uncle was in the 506th PIR I would love to acquire one for my collection, at the very least see the ones people have in their collections!
  5. Very true. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Maybe if they came wayyyy down.
  6. Came across an interesting item in a local estate today and not quite sure what to make of it. What I believe to be a 2nd pattern parachute. The dimension of the large piece is 66” x 96”. They are asking $800 for this lot but since it's been modified not sure what it's worth, if anything. Question: Did cargo and paratroopers use the same parachute pattern? Thanks!
  7. That's the term I was looking for haha, not refinish. But I think you are correct.
  8. Really, for a hallmarked badge? I paid $85 for a STERLING only marked pin back because someone said it was a good price.
  9. Just curious if anyone thinks the back of these wings look refinished. They're priced at $50. Thanks!
  10. Good to know. Thanks for sharing Allan!
  11. Very fair points. And if you've gotten them directly from veterans in both hollow and solid backing, then they must be good. If you're looking at clutch back wings, I understand the pegs should be soldered metal. But I have also read about plastic prongs that look metal at first glance. If you're looking online at an item like this, what's a good way to tell? Is there a certain position for the prongs to be to establish WWII wings vs later? Are the prong covers plastic or metal, or a mix?
  12. Now I know there are some German items in this one but bear with me folks. If this belongs in a better section feel free to move. Got this haul from an estate sale in IL this weekend. The lot was much larger but someone else bought the rest. Turns out the husband of the granddaughter who was running the sale (selling her grandfather's items) is an active duty Navy SEAL. They were kind enough to send this t-shirt and a legitimate Trident purchased on his base. I probably overpaid a bit (paid $600), but I was also helping her identify items and I thought this was a very unique opportunity to get
  13. Thanks for the comments! A lot has happened since I've posted this. Here's all my current M-1's including that special signed helmet I posted about. M-1's: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0OGgZLKuJG647o 33 signature helmet: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/343418-33-signature-helmet/
  14. Isn't there a bit of a debate still about solid back vs hollow back wings being issued via the military and not private purchase/post war? I'm positive someone else on another thread that any wings that were maker marked were not allowed to be issued to paratroopers via the military due to some kind of anti-compete clause. That STERLING only on the back was issued.
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