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  1. don't mean to necro-post, but could you put up some pics of the label for the packaging of the rope?
  2. I know of a gentleman who jumped with the 101st on D-day. He still has his original holster and is is definitely black. He told me it was black when he jumped. Next time I get the opportunity to talk to him, I will try and remember to ask him how he dyed it.
  3. What does everyone think about this reproduction? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=008 Thanks
  4. Hey David, I'll send you my mailing address if you feel like shipping that M1 back home
  5. I'm torn about it. I think the restoration looks awesome, but there's a part of me that thinks that the historical value of the German markings should have been kept. The paint seemed to be in pretty good condition, so I feel saddened by seeing it "re-done"
  6. awesome David! Thank you for your service and for posting the pic!
  7. it still amazing that some people are just so willing to trash something which is obviously of historical value!
  8. Would love to see what kind of condition it's in after they get all that dirt off
  9. Johan: You should publish a photo album of the WLA. I know I'd buy it! You seem to always find the best ones! Brian
  10. that has to be a rough ride (my butt hurts just thinking about it)
  11. It went both ways...I have seen pics of Soviet tanks being found with Nazi markings although I have not read anything about them being actually used against the Soviets. If anyone has anything I would love to read it
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