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  1. Too bad people and companies making this repros wouldn't clearly and irreversibly mark them as such. Could even be on an inconspicuous place, such as the interior or backside, depending on the piece. Such items are ruining so many sections of collecting.
  2. If you have a similar restoration or colorization project that you wish to undertake, I'd like to recommend Claudia d'Souza. She can be found at Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/thephotoalchemist/?eid=ARC1QhYpsCRkjl94zXNtlbPkWUHzQZ0LisPhX9VXAFvdpQgX27VIycGi5FwHgiy2sdiUFrzZyOHtH3xr&fref=tag Or she can be contacted directly by email at: claudia_dsouza@blueyonder.co.uk I can't recommend her enough, plus, she's just a very nice lady. While she may not be a Militaria collector, she has a deep sense of history and preserving wonderful images from the past.
  3. Hello All, Just wanted to share the final photos. The individual portrait in post #16 is the final version. The crew photo in post #18 is the final version. Here is the final version of the mother and son:
  4. Would it have been common for a dress bayonet to be on the person of a Heer or SS sniper, on the frontline?
  5. Hello All. I'd like to share the revised proofs, of the previously posted photos (above). I think for all intents and purposes, they look spot on.
  6. Thanks, All, for the input. With your kind assistance and advice, some alterations and corrections will be made to the proofs. I'll post the final results in a few weeks when they are completed. I'd also like to share the name and contact info of the very kind lady helping me out on this project. She does wonderful work with photo restoration and colorization. I just need to ask her first if that's OK. :-)
  7. Thanks, Matt. I couldn't figure out for sure what that was, and your picture makes better sense, especially seeing the .50 calibers installed.
  8. Paul, forgive my ignorance....but in comparing the photo that you attached, of the B-17F, vs. the B-17G in my colorized proof photo, what is the housing at the very nose of the plane,jus before the glass canopy, hanging down? Is that a forward gun turret? In your opinion, would that also be painted in the "neutral gray" that you mention?
  9. Good catch, Paul. I see the difference vs. the photo that you posted. Thanks. Thanks, Matt, for the link. I've never seen that webpage before. Very interesting. And provides a great color reference!
  10. Thanks, Matt & Jack. For some reason, I keep thinking the pants look Marine Corps color. Good comment about the "pinks" for officers. I don't think I fully comprehended that.
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