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  1. Post WWII Finnish Gas Mask Bag. Large quantities of these came onto the surplus market in the past few years. The basic design is clearly influenced by the WWII US M6 Carrier for the Lightweight Service Mask series (M3 and M4).
  2. Just a correction that both of the above kits and contents lists are from Defense Depot Tracy in California but assembled by different packers with the first kit (missing some contents) showing the handwritten addition of salt tablets to the list. Unfortunately they are not dated but would be sometime between 1963 (Zip codes introduced) and 1974 (FSN replaced by NSN).
  3. Another kit from the Tracy Depot. Note the plastic wrapped Dressings, First Aid, Field, Individual Troop, Camouflaged, 4 x 7 Inches FSN 6510-201-7455 and separate packet of Sodium Bicarbonate Mix. I don't have any documentation for when the transition from waxed carton to plastic occurred but would think it would be well before 1970.
  4. Close up of the packing list for the above kit. Apologies for the lack of focus, this is from an old auction listing.
  5. Although I understand you are looking for contents list used with the later nylon Case Medical Instrument and Supply Set No 8 (NSN: 6546-01-094-6142) Used in conjunction with the plastic insert, I do have some photos of contents and packing lists for Vietnam Era First Aid Kit, Individual (FSN: 6545-823-8165) that may be of interest in showing the progression of Individual First Aid Kit contents in that era. I don't have any packing lists for the Case No 8 based Individual First Aid Kit on hand unfortunately. Note that both of these kits are assembled by different depots using 1944-45 contr
  6. The specification was revised very late in the war (Sept 1945) removing the toe cap. Lots of detail on the progression of service shoe specifications at this outstanding site: https://www.usww2uniforms.com/9-6F.html
  7. This appears to be the sword frog from the Sam Browne equipment. Not sure if these were used with the Sam Browne rig in US service. More info here: http://www.karkeeweb.com/patterns/officers/sam_browne/components/carriers/sam_browne_compo_frog.html
  8. I believe that mark stands for New York Drop Cloth Mfg. Co.
  9. I have a folding wing stove marked JAPAN. It is identical in construction to the WWII USMC NoM contract examples so commercial copies were produced post-war as well.
  10. G.P.&F. Co. would be Geuder, Paeschke, Frey Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  11. I believe M.A. Co. would be the Massillon Aluminum Company of Massillon, Ohio which also produced Mess Kits.
  12. The photo on the cover of the 1960's French magazine was taken in March of 1945. It depicts troops of the 89th Infantry Division crossing the Rhine. The original caption reads: 'Crouching low in a Dukw for concealment and protection, men of the 89th division, U.S. Third Army, cross the Rhine River at Oberwesel, Germany. 26 March 1945.' It is Signal Corps photo number SC204743. An un-colorized version may be found at this link (5th photo down): https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/proof/2015/11/11/found-in-the-archives-seldom-seen-photos-from-world-war-2/ My grand
  13. The photo posted above is part of a series taken by Life magazine photographer Joe Scherschel on Midway in November of 1942. Below is a shot taken a few moments before or after of the same officer wearing the externally marked USMC belt inspecting the M1 rifle of the same Marine he can be seen testing the mask fit on in the above posted image. There are many other photos taken by Mr. Scherschel in the same series showing lots of details of equipment in use on the island at that time as well as air operations, life on the base, and more. They can be found by searching: Joe Scherschel midw
  14. Outstanding site! Thank your for you efforts in putting this resource together. The section on footwear is particularly illuminating.
  15. Combat Leader stripes. More info in this thread: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3276-green-combat-leader-stripe/
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