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    us army and usmc combat/field uniforms and gear.<br /> collect gear from 1950 to 2000.<br /> also us army/usmc cold weather gear,snow camuflage,stoves<br /> arctic tents and so on.

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  1. do you have a picture of sides of the mine? found a load of these when diging in norway last summer and they where training mine genuine ww2
  2. M35 A2 in woodland camo paint job from the late 1980s but the cargo tarpaulin is in newer 3 color nato patten
  3. Nice tread cool to read your stories about rations. cheers ken
  4. sorry for relay late reply.... phantomfixer: was the menu the same for 1986? yes the chicken ala king is there as menu 9 cheers ken
  5. the Norwegian army used these for training and al of them was blue
  6. very nice pictures, have you used this items in the field? cheers ken
  7. found the complete sleeping system on the web. now I need to tell my wife how much I need it
  8. many thanks for the info! do you have a picture of the booties? do you know what sleeping bag system you used with this hood and booties? cheers ken
  9. got this with a lot of other USMC gear and it is made in the same material as the Buffalo jacket from the 1980/90s. any idea who used it? cheers ken.norway
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