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  1. Brig, I looked long and hard at this and like you I finally determined that it was overpriced for the shape it was in. I originally thought the emblems might be officer emblems based on the silver color of the globes and what appeared to be gilding on the continents but because the backs were also silver I decided that had been painted at some point. Would be interesting to hear from the buyer if they turned out to be officer emblems.
  2. Mike/Brig, i appreciate your continued interest. I, like all of you, have been watching for my stolen EGA's to show up but unfortunately they never have. None of the items stolen ( EGA's, medals, jewelery, etc.) have ever shown up for sale, so I guess they were either sold via a pawn shop, melted down or tossed in a field somewhere. I check with the police from time to time but nothing has ever turned up. It bothers me to no end to think that the EGA's made have been discarded in a trash dump/melted down and lost forever. If anything ever shows up I will let you all know, hope springs eternal.
  3. Just wan't to let everyone know that the local police caught two people (meth heads) who they think were the ones that broke into my house and they are currently in jail. Unfortunately, they only found four of my emblems out of the approximate 100 they stole and a couple of pieces of my wifes jewelery. None of the emblems pictured on the forum were recovered. Hopefully, as they continue to investigate they will be able to identify the people who they either sold or traded the stolen items to for drugs. Semper Fi, Ronnie
  4. To all of my fellow Forum Members: I just want to thank everyone for all of your support and a special thanks to Bobgee for getting the word out so quickly and to Darrell for posting some of the pics of the higher end items. Many of them came from members of this forum who were gracious enough to offer up some of their treasures so other members like me could round out our collections. In addition to the one shown on the above I also lost 4 Luke single collar emblems as well as about a dozen of the 1926 & 1937 Service and Dress emblems sets/singles (mostly H&H, Myers, Gemsco, Vanguard) and many emblems fron pre WWI up to WWII. I will add a few more pictures of items that were stolen. S/F Ronnie
  5. Darrell, Very nice work on this, I must say I wasn't sure on this one until you pointed out the differences.
  6. Brig, I have a collar emblem that has the same type of midification and the patina is the same as yours i will try and take a photo and post for comparison.
  7. Brig, I have looked at all of my sets ( I know them to be true sets) and your observation seems to be correct. The left collar (as you wear it) is larger than the right side collar emblem markings. An interesting observation never noticed it before. I haven't noticed a smaller marking on the left collar or vice versa but I will look more closely in the future.
  8. I have the same cover as yours that I purchased almost 40 years ago at a antique store in Virgina (there were two others) and all of them had the same nickel emblem on them. I like you decided to replace the emblem but to this day I have always wondered, if i did the right thing.
  9. Darrell, In the next few post are various views of the emblem.
  10. Another view of the side by side comparison.
  11. Side by side comparison of the Meyers/H&H collar emblems.
  12. Photo of somre H&H Officer collar emblems for comparison.
  13. Photo of the teo emblems with a fire bronze of a Myers Officer Fire Bronze Barracks cover emblem
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