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  1. I had a pleasant transaction with forum member Albert. He was very prompt in shipping the Air Force Cross, and it was carefully packed. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.
  2. Thank you all for the responses and information. I have made contact with Mr. Floyd. Kadet, thanks for the clarification about the Priority shipping. I've had unpleasant experiences recently with lost or extremely delayed packages when sent via USPS First Class.
  3. I placed an order on J. Floyd's site 12 days ago, and it is still in processing. Does anybody have experience buying from Mr. Floyd? If so, how long does it typically take for an order to ship? I know patience is a virtue, but was just curious. Also, when it says "Flat Rate" shipping, what service is it? I hope anything other than the currently troubled USPS. At this point I'd prefer carrier pigeon over the Postal Service. 😋 Thank you in advance for any responses!
  4. Thank you everyone for the wealth of advice and input! 👍 After much deliberation, I've decided to pick up another M7 and leave the Conetta in the package. An issued one may be more visually appealing for display on a (Cold War militaria) wall, as opposed to a mint condition example. Once again, much appreciated!
  5. I recently picked up a brand new, still factory sealed 1967 contract Conetta M7 Bayonet for a reasonable price. My quandary is to open it or not, thus ruining the mint condition of the packaging. I would like to open it and photograph everything for reference. I haven't found anything similar (unopened m7s) here on USMF, and I think that it would be worth posting the pictures, thus contributing to the collective knowledge. Will this affect the value down the road, or would it not if I kept the carton with the bayonet? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Thank you for the response, Bruce! I really appreciate the insight about the GCMs. I was asking because I was watching this on an auction site, but was outbid. According to NARA, It was awarded to a USAAF Staff Sergeant from Chicago for service during WWII.
  7. I was wondering, does the engraving on this Army Good Conduct Medal look contemporary to the WWII era or more recent? It appears done by hand, but I am by no means very experienced (unlike some forum members) regarding engraving. Also, is this official or privately engraved? Thank you in advance for any responses! 😀
  8. Here is a Great War era Horstmann NCO whistle w/ chain that I have in my collection. This particular whistle is datable to the early 20th century based on the small A used in the abbreviation of Philadelphia. I do wonder if the remnant of dark patina (which looks as if some has been polished off) was a purposeful subduing like the uniform buttons of the era. Here is a link to the Minnesota Historical Society which shows the same exact type of whistle carried by an AEF Field Artillery officer in WWI: https://www.mnhs.org/blog/collectionsupclose/9157
  9. Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it! Hopefully one day the maker(s) of these will be positively identified. Cheers!
  10. MuddyBoots, IMHO this may indeed be a military related whistle. You are correct that this is very close to (if not the same as) a J. Hudson & Co (Acme) Metropolitan general service whistle. I know that military supply companies imported foreign made goods for sale/use in the United States. If I'm not mistaken, N.S. Meyer is one of the businesses that did this, as I have also seen Acme Thunderer whistles marked with the same Meyer shield logo. In the U.S. the example that you have were referred to as "Kinglet" whistles, which were used by company commanders. Here is a picture of
  11. Thanks for the response, Clinton! ? Is it common to find the thicker planchet USAAF DFCs? Also, do you have any idea of who the manufacturers during WWII (other than the U.S. Mint) were?
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