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    US Medals & ribbons, WWII/Korean War Marine Corps uniform and medal groups , Imjin Scout and Korean War related items. Particularly seeking 30th Infantry Division items from WWII. Please contact me with anything of interest.

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  1. And a couple of WWI trench art pieces:
  2. A recent addition, The Perry Polar Expedition Medal.
  3. Time to show an updated pic of my small collection of aide de camp devices
  4. I appreciate your kind comments, but I am afraid you may have Everette confused with someone else. He passed in the sixties before I was born. I only know him through others recollections and his enduring reputation.
  5. Here's a little detail on the medal:
  6. One of my favorites, the very first medal issued by the North Carolina National Guard, with it's original box and the recipient's information hand written on the inside of the box top.
  7. One of my favorite miniature medals, The Brevet Medal.
  8. A couple of my WWII Navy/USMC medals (not engraved)
  9. Admiral Rittenhouse, 1924 US Naval Academy graduate.
  10. Silver Star to a Liberty Division soldier in the Pacific. Unfortunately, someone attempted to deface the engraving on the reverse of the medal. The Silver Star is numbered 53830.
  11. Some of my Presidential and Vice Presidential service badges. These things are pretty heavy, but if you're wearing ASU's with your medals, this would help balance the weight on the coat.
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