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  1. Bringing this back to the top to ask if anyone knows where this uniform went. It was sold by Dennis Jackson to a collector who I had heard was selling his collection several years ago. Does anyone know where it went?
  2. Great uniform! Sounds like you got a great one, talk about a rare unit! Much rarer than a pilot anyways! And Scott being who he is, Im 100% sure would have fixed any problem with this tunic. Stuff slips by, but I know he always takes care of his customers.
  3. Amazing patches Terry. The detail is so much better than the normal patches you see. You can actually see Hermès rather than just a big white blob :-)
  4. Anyone have any idea who was selling this or what the price was?? Wish I could have made it this year.
  5. I think it was offered several years ago for 25K in the US and didn't sell. The feeling then, was this is an awesome group, but with no uniform the price is hard to substantiate over 20K
  6. Those tabs are awesome Tom!! Only ever seen one other original documented pair. (sans uniform) A Great find
  7. How about a post catalouge view for those of us who could not participate. I just wanted to see some of the British medals Jeff was going to list.
  8. Any way we can see a close up of what appears to be a belt buckle above the shoulder straps. At this distance, it appears to be the same eagle used by the Italian SS units. If so, that is worth more than the rest of the group combined. The German items are very nice.
  9. Thanks guys for all the comments! I would love to find out more about the French Jewlers that made the White Russian medals. For what I have been able to tell, his St George full sized is a Tsarist piece, which would make it RARE RARE RARE! The medal bar must me Western European designed. I would love to know which French manufactuers made these in 1925-33
  10. Hey Dave!! I saw that, I am just trying to find him on a list right now. Anyone happen to know if there is a printed list of recipients for WWI?
  11. Squadron Pin close up . Ron from Flying Tiger thinks this is a nice 20's French pin, rather than a leftover from WWI.
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