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  1. Yeah, it was alot of fun! Not alot of room in those though. It was a tight fit for me to crawl through. Well, that and i probably weigh more than the original crew!
  2. That would be great!! Just let me know. And Thank you!!
  3. yeah, it's too bad they don't make them like this anymore. And i see you still have the mags that go with them. I lost mine somewhere along the line. :crying:
  4. This is what my dad, brothers and i got to ride on. There was also a WWII veteran who was a co-pilot on a B-25 that got to go. Very cool!
  5. Ha! I have one of those air-17's! In fact i just used it today on numerous birds that don't have any respect for my wash job on my truck. My dad got me one when i was about 12-13, works great. My real ar-15 above.
  6. I got this uniform and hat at the same auction i bought the RR .45. The life vest i bought from Hawkdriver(thanks!!)
  7. I'll try to get more info and pics up soon.----Thanks for all the replies, i was at her house a couple of days ago to pick up a chest of drawers and it just seems so empty,sad.......................
  8. Man , I love that thing!!!! Can you tell i'm excited? As far as i know, all the markings are correct. I field stripped it and found it was very dry so i cleaned and oiled it. The barrel was clean as i have ever seen, bright and shiny. I am very happy with it. I'll take pics of the uniform when i get my camera back.( sister has it). ---P.S. --there are no rebuild marks on it, so i believe it to be original.
  9. Thanks guys. She was very well respected by anyone who knew her. She and my Grandpa will always be remembered for their service and kindness. They are together now as they should be. God Bless....
  10. This was my Grandma. She was a nurse in the 100th Evac Hospital in Europe from 1941-1945. After the war she continued nursing in PA., New Hampshire, and then in Ohio where she retired as lead nurse in the ER in 1981. She was the kindest lady and person i have ever met. She also had a very dry sense of humor that sometimes caught you off guard making you say Grandma!!?? She was awesome and will be missed. Love you Grandma, R.I.P ----- Feb.13, 1917-Oct.5,2009
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