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  1. I was issued a WWII era S&W Victory model when I was assigned to the Chinook battalion at Ft Campbell in 1985. It was not replaced until 1988 when our unit converted to M9s. During the mid 90s another aviation unit I was assigned to was using WWII dated M2 tripods for the M60s.
  2. This was at best estimate my 18th Show of Shows and this year it was one of the best, not only did I find some interesting items but was able to have some great visits with friends from Norway, France, South Africa, Australia and the US. No complaints from our tables, we did well in sales and had a great time searching show. Looking forward to 2021.
  3. Not if you are looking for WWI German items. I found very little in the way of MG08 related items which is mainly what I collect.
  4. Thought some of you may find this interesting, rack tag on a US Model 1917.
  5. Thanks, that is one possibility I have considered. This may just remain one of those mysteries no can answer for sure.
  6. This photo presents somewhat of a mystery to me and hopefully the photo is relative enough toward US equipment to post here. If not please tell me which folder it should be posted to. The photo, taken in 1944 during the Warsaw uprising, shows what are clearly Thompson pouches but they appear too short to be 30 round pouches and I am unaware of a 20 round three cell version. The photo was posted by a friend of mine in Europe and he was told that in 1941 Yugoslavia had a contact for three cell 20 round pouches. Any one have any information about this?
  7. Will be there as always setup with friends from Norway and Ohio, six tables, mostly German MG parts for sale. Normally we are setup across the aisle from Bob Landies.
  8. At one time he was a regular at the show.
  9. Spent three days at the show with friends from Ohio and Norway. Very much enjoyed the time there, always great to visit with old friends you only see a few times a year. Being a vendor helps in that regard since people find you instead trying to met up while walking through the show. The only thing I bought at the show was a Shell Motor Spirits can to display with my Vickers machine gun. It was an item I had been looking for a number of years and was darn proud to have found one.
  10. Were or are you in the OH NG? I avoid getting around 47s or anything else I flew, I don't want to start missing flying them. Fortunately the nearest aviation unit to me is 60 miles away. Only ALSE stuff I think I have is an older survival vest. Pretty common.
  11. Actually flew with both companies. When I was first assigned, 1985, it was the 159th AVN BN, later changed to 7-101 AVN Regt sometime in 86 if I remember correctly. First year I was there I was on BN staff assigned to B Co (Varsity) for flight requirements, later was a platoon leader in A Co (Pachyderms). Left active duty in 1989 and took a job as a civilian CH47 IP at Rucker. Flew 47s for many years in the MS NG.
  12. Nighthawk was unaided non standards at the stagefields (autorotations and run on landings mostly), low level flight, navigation and LZ work. After Nighthawk the students went to Combat Skills where a week of unaided night tactical flight was practiced. Again low level flight, LZ work along with the addition of unaided low level formation flight. What I am describing is all pre 1985, which is when I left Rucker for Ft. Campbell. Nighthawk taught some very good techniques that I used thoughtout my career. The surgical tubing did come out while I was still instructing but it was right ab
  13. Very nice display. Unfortunately it reminds me I have a 1917A1 tripod in storage that I still have to restore. The only water cooled guns I have with "wheels" are a couple of Russian Maxims.
  14. No, actually what I was referring to was before the surgical tubing. I taught Nighthawk/NVG and Combat Skills at Rucker from 81-85 when they were trying to sort a lot of this out. Nighthawk is something now largely forgotten.
  15. No heavy at all when compared to the full face NVG rigs we flew with in the early 80s. I used to clip a GI flashlight to the back of my helmet for a counter weight.
  16. Very nice. Lewis guns are fun, had one years ago but it was in .303.
  17. I like mine, full auto NESA production approximately April 1943.
  18. Great photo, I posted it some time ago on my Facebook BAR page, the page members there enjoyed it.
  19. Do you have any photos of British made M1937 belts showning the contractor marking?
  20. Below are the contractors I have identified having produced the M-1937 belt, are there others? BOYT Charles F. Clark, Inc. D. M. Shoe Co S.FROEHLICH & CO.
  21. Full auto NESA BAR, serial number puts it around April 43 production.
  22. I retired in 2006 after 27 years, all my uniforms are hanging in my closet exactly where they were on my retirement date.
  23. Just don't confuse FedEx / UPS with the USPS. The USPS has its own regulations on top of those outlined by the ATF. As a FFL I deal with all three shippers on a daily basis.
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