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  1. Reloading is what I do for relaxation in addition to participating in USPSA matches. Fortunately this "crisis" caught me with about 24,000 rounds of 9mm on hand which is the caliber I most often shoot in matches so I should be ok for the foreseeable future. This shortage has been building since March of last year and should not have caught any one outside of the noobs by surprise. When this has passed, remember to buy ammunition by the case, not the box. The same goes for reloading components, buy your powder in 8lbs cannisters and not 1lb cans. Bullets and primers by the thou
  2. Every one of these gold condensing cans I have looked at have a VFW story connected to them.
  3. There are a number of variations, we started a photo album to highlight the differences on my MG08 Study Group Facebook page.
  4. This is the one I sold a few years ago, kick myself for doing so ever since.
  5. They used to be fairly common finds, I have owned several over the years. One of my primary collecting interest is in Maxims and their accessories. Last I sold was identical to the one in the original post however you could see the faded name of an oil company in the markings.
  6. Since the oilers mentioned are in a survival kit I strongly suspect the paint was applied between the top and body as a seal.
  7. I was issued a S&W Victory Model in 1985 when I was assigned to the CH47 battalion at Ft Campbell, it was my assigned weapon until we exchanged our revolvers for M9s around 1988 or so.
  8. I was issued a WWII era S&W Victory model when I was assigned to the Chinook battalion at Ft Campbell in 1985. It was not replaced until 1988 when our unit converted to M9s. During the mid 90s another aviation unit I was assigned to was using WWII dated M2 tripods for the M60s.
  9. This was at best estimate my 18th Show of Shows and this year it was one of the best, not only did I find some interesting items but was able to have some great visits with friends from Norway, France, South Africa, Australia and the US. No complaints from our tables, we did well in sales and had a great time searching show. Looking forward to 2021.
  10. Not if you are looking for WWI German items. I found very little in the way of MG08 related items which is mainly what I collect.
  11. Thought some of you may find this interesting, rack tag on a US Model 1917.
  12. Thanks, that is one possibility I have considered. This may just remain one of those mysteries no can answer for sure.
  13. This photo presents somewhat of a mystery to me and hopefully the photo is relative enough toward US equipment to post here. If not please tell me which folder it should be posted to. The photo, taken in 1944 during the Warsaw uprising, shows what are clearly Thompson pouches but they appear too short to be 30 round pouches and I am unaware of a 20 round three cell version. The photo was posted by a friend of mine in Europe and he was told that in 1941 Yugoslavia had a contact for three cell 20 round pouches. Any one have any information about this?
  14. Will be there as always setup with friends from Norway and Ohio, six tables, mostly German MG parts for sale. Normally we are setup across the aisle from Bob Landies.
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