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  1. Welcome to the forum from New Paltz, New York!
  2. When I first started collecting Purple Hearts I pretty much only used Ebay. But even then I was smart about how much I spent. I don't have an interest right now in the Italian campaign but even if I did I don't think I could justify spending over $1000 for the Anzio PH Dave posted. The prices as of late are just ridiculous in my opinion.
  3. I saw that one as well and couldn't believe how fast the price went up. It's at $1,080 now with 5 days and 20 hours left!
  4. It seems from what I have noticed lately that Purple Heart prices have been all over the place lately. Wether it's a legit one selling for cheap or a fake/later done one selling through the roof. I might be wrong but it just seems kinda weird that I don't remember all these Purple Heart sales on Ebay before the pandemic.
  5. I'd definitely have to agree with you on that. I saw one a week or two ago and it looked so unauthentic I couldn't believe people were bidding on it. But I suppose if there was a "story" with it, it would draw even the more skeptical buyers into bidding on it. Thats why I asked about these two medals...they didn't look official to me but the silver star citation kept me interested.
  6. Thank you Dave and manayunkman for your inputs! It seems like this is something that I will definitely hold off from bidding on.
  7. Thank you for your input! No worries the forum has been acting up for me today as well
  8. Sorry about the brightness, that is how the seller posted it and I just took a screenshot.
  9. Hello all. I came across these medals on Ebay. They come with a copy of the award of the silver star as well as some patches and a ribbon rack. I would like to hear your thoughts on the engraving of these medals, as I know they are privately done. However, I've never seen a style like this. Has anyone else seen this type and does it look wartime done/legit or perhaps they are replacements? In other words is it something worth trying to bid on? Thanks, Jared
  10. Thank you for the welcome! I'll definitely have to go check it out when this whole quarantine thing is over. And thank you, it's certainly not as big as most collections on here but it's good enough for me! -Jared
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome! I've haven't had too many interactions with members on here yet but those that I have talked to have been very knowledgeable and helpful. I am certainly glad so far! -Jared
  12. Allan Thank you for your input. This seems to be the most likely case so far, but the small size is still interesting. -Jared I certainly agree with the size. I'm 18 and it certainly would be too small for me if I tried it on. Hunt, This is definitely a possibility aside from the reenactor as it seems at this point that it is not original wartime. -Jared (All) Do you guys have any idea what it would be worth? I will probably be looking to get rid of it sometime soon. If not no worries! Thanks, -Jared
  13. Thank you for the information! The missing information is certainly strange. But as you said, mistakes do happen.
  14. Thank you for the reference! -Jared
  15. I had a Purple Heart up that got taken down. But then I changed the name and it was fine!
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