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  1. IMHO, these are cast wings. Probably theater made is my best guess. Regards, Lonnie
  2. Agreed, these Meyer command pilot wings are from the 50's. Regards, Lonnie
  3. It's hard to tell for sure from your over exposed photos but I think the pilot wings are original and I believe it's a pre-ww2 pattern. The Observer wings are also OK IMO, I think it's one of those semi-hollow version that was discussed awhile ago. Regards, Lonnie
  4. Hello Mike, Based on the pattern, the construction, and the marking on the back, I would say no, they're not WW2 wings. Regards, Lonnie
  5. Here are a few in my collection. I'm posting the back of the Coin Silver Bombardier wings to compare. Enjoy!
  6. I agree! The back doesn't look right, especially the catch. I don't think Juarez wings have that type of catch. I have a few Juarez wings, let me check tonight to see if I have a Coin Silver Bombardier wings. It's a good fake IMO. Lonnie
  7. Interesting, Interesting, I didn't pay attention at the rocker. Only concentrated on the eagle style to determine if a WW2 or not but I could make up my mind.
  8. This patch doesn't look like it matches any patch on the Eagle Patch Corner site. It doesn't match type 10 to me. What do you think? is it a WW2 patch or Vietnam? Thank you, Lonnie
  9. Original WW2 Aircrew wings. Looks like it's missing the roller lock.
  10. Although I don't own any pair of Aircrew wings like these but I like them. British or Australian made perhaps. Regards, Lonnie
  11. I personally don't like any of them. Especially the one marked S.S LTD. It looks to be a bad fake cast wings. Here's a link to a good example of the S.S LTD wings and more information about S.S wings: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/upgradetest/index.php?/topic/43959-ss-ltd-jump-wing/ Regards, Lonnie
  12. I believe it's a number 0 (zero) but was skipped, not a letter O as my understanding. L
  13. Good thinking, nice job!!! Regards, Lonnie
  14. I think it's a post WW2 wings and is likely to be in the late 40's to the 50's production in my opinion. regards, Lonnie
  15. Agreed, no way these jump wings are from WW2 or even Korean war period. Regards, L
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