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  1. Avec les photos et les hommages que nous rendons aux soldats américains chaque année. Cordialement ERIC
  2. Voici des photos que nous avons fait de cette cérémonie À bientôt ERIC
  3. Good morning, everyone, I'm Eric, the president of the association of friends of the Ecausseville airshed. The hangar is located 5 km from Sainte Mère Eglise in Normandy. It's a small association that is trying to save the Airship. This site is known by the American troops, because on June 9, 1944, the 8th infantry will attack the village to take it back from the Germans (AOK7 Troop). For our brave GI's it will become a hell. There will be a lot of deaths on the American and German sides. The village was not taken until the next day. For the specialists, in the book "Utah to Cherbourg
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