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  1. Thanks for all the information and analysis, I really appreciate it :thumbsup: Yes, that is the signal corps branch insignia on the collar. Thanks again. -Brian
  2. Thanks for the correction. Regards, Brian
  3. Just wanted to post this WWII 1st armored/44th division Ike jacket that I picked up last week. Over the past couple of years I have become good friend with a veteran who served in the 44th division in WWII. He really enjoyed seeing this jacket as it brought back a lot of memories. He had his ike jacket cut off of him when he was wounded in the arm and shoulder by shrapnel near Mannheim, Germany. Regards, Brian
  4. RIP Major Winters.. A great soldier but an even better person. You will be missed. :salute:
  5. Amazing grouping you've got there! The way you have it displayed is superb, an excellent tribute to his service. Congrats :thumbsup: Regards, Brian
  6. Hi, I saw this military backpack posted on the internet. As I am not really familiar with U.S field gear I was wondering if anyone could tell me any info about this pack such as era, scarcity etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Brian
  7. I was over there as well for the 66th anniversary and had a wonderful time. I was quite impressed with the amount of military vehicles present as well as the ceremonies they had for the WWII veterans in my tour group. There was an especially nice ceremony for the veterans on Utah beach at around 0930 on the 6th as well as one the day before in St Mere Eglise . It was my first time over to Europe and had such a wonderful time that I can't wait to go back. Regards, Brian Heres a picture of some of the vets in my group at the Ste Mere Eglise ceremony.
  8. That's great that he still has his memory. A Bataan Death March survivor lives less than a mile from my house but doesn't remember much due to Alzheimer's, a real shame. Thanks for sharing this. Regards, Brian
  9. All I can say is WOW!! Congrats on an amazing grouping :thumbsup: Just out of curiosity, where did you acquire this grouping? Regards, Brian
  10. MARSILLIO Donald O. Marsillio, age 92 of Trumbull, entered into peaceful rest on Saturday, January 9, 2009 in his home. Born in Bridgeport, he was the son of the late David and Lucia Marsillio. Don was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II and was in the invasion of Normandy with the 29th Infantry, were he received two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Marsillio at the dedication of the World War Two memorial in Bridgeport,Ct. What a great individual. RIP Regards, Brian
  11. Hi, A local veteran picked up a sweetheart bracelet for me at a flea market. I tried researching the individual on NARA but had no luck. I was wondering if anyone could help me locate more information about this individual. There is a CBI emblem on the bracelet and his name Tony Scanzilla 32706481 . Online I found an obituary for a Anthony Paul Scanzilla in Massachusetts but that was it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Brian
  12. MCSFC stands for Marine Corps Security Force Company. Neat shirt! Regards, Brian
  13. My biggest regret is not getting the chance to talk to the WWII MOH winner in my town. My grandfather was good friends with him too and I was preparing to give him a call the next week. Unfortunately I didn't know that he had Pancreatic Cancer and he passed away before I got a chance to talk to him. In terms of collecting my biggest regret is starting out collecting Third Reich instead of US. Initially I was attracted to the beautiful uniforms and decorations the Germans had and so that's where I started collecting. It wasn't till after I started interviewing WWII vets that I really gaine
  14. Well put!! :thumbsup: Last week my great aunt asked me if I wanted her husband's korean war uniform as she was thinking of throwing it out. I said of course and am going to pick it up later this month. I can't believe families would throw out their loved ones uniforms, so much history to just throw those things away. Regards, Brian
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