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  1. Hi Randy, thanks so much! 🙂 Do i understand well that BASIC level had no star; SENIOR level had the star and MASTER level had the star surrounded by a wreath. Does is it correct? Thanks and kind regards
  2. Hi everyone, i recentely bought this nice US AIR FORCE 4 pocket BDU shirt wooden camo, of a technical sergeant with non name badge but with a small badge on left chest wich i didn't find any explication on the net. May you tell me what's about? Thanks
  3. luke66

    M1 helmet

    Thanks to everyone for the answers
  4. luke66

    M1 helmet

    Hi friends, looking since long time for an M1 helmet Vietnam era at a nice price, i find this one near my town. What do you think about it? Thanks
  5. Thank you for the info gwb123, i was lucky to get the patch at a nice price, and i want to wear it on the button chest pocket of a kakhi shirt. So i'll mantein the plastic on it.
  6. Hi friends, i bought this button pocket patch to wear on a kakhi shirt. Does the plastic on the front and the back of the patch is only a protection that should be removed or does it should rest there? Thanks
  7. Thanks Spike, i had some doubt on the green tab with owner name, that was common on white tab on the first Vietnam era with colour patches, but i know that there was some mix of coloured and subdued patches for some month
  8. ...all the patches looks originals to me, but most of you have much moore knowledge than me. Thanks
  9. Hi, i wuold like to have your opinionon on the originality of that shirt. Thanks
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