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  1. Hi all. Today I present to you my US ARMY camouflaged HBT jackets and pants. The one in better condition comes from Indochina and was owned by a French soldier. The second has a lower chest pocket than the other, would you know which manufacturer that fits? For the trousers it is in new condition, the bottom has been shortened which has resulted in the suppression of buttoned legs. I'm still searching another pair of trousers that colours will fit with the second vest. I hope you'll like it!
  2. Hi all, Here are mine. First is identified of a Captain of the 356th Airdrome Squadron, I have no info about this unit but I found some information about the soldier, he cames back to USA on July 10th 1945 This one is a "PQD20B" And this one come from USA, I bought it few month ago. I found an newspaper article in the pocket about the HMS Reynolds, and 2 tickets of putting course from the "burgh of helensburgh". It's a PQD20A
  3. Hi all Thank you for the acceptance here. New member on this forum,my real name is Vincent, I am from France, I have been collecting for about fifteen years now and I am a part of a lot of francophone forums, I wanted to register here to learn new things about the US militaria which is my main theme with some German stuff too. Looking forward to reading you here! Cordially Vinclenormand
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