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  1. Army Mexican Service medal 10478 was awarded to Burke, M. 1st Sgt, Hq/49th Inf. Source: Army Mexican Service Medal Issue Records compiled and edited by Albert F. Gleim
  2. It is great that it worked out so well for you. I need some of that luck! I look forward to seeing it when you post it on the forum.
  3. New York State Conspicuous Service Cross 9376 was issued to McClellan Barclay in 1951. Source: For Merit, Service and Valor: The History of Some New York Military Decorations and Awards and their Recipients (1915 - 1983) Volume II by Doug Boyce, Gary Hartman, Nick McDowell. Published by the Orders and Medals Society of America, 2008.
  4. I read one time that the F-105 was proof that if you put a big enough engine in a brick you could get it to fly.
  5. For what it is worth, all of the genuine 5-star rank insignia I have seen have all been ten piece construction, with the stars and supporting cross bars each being individual pieces soldered together from the back. These do not appear to be constructed that way. It is possible there were variations but I would be very skeptical. The attached photograph is of a set attributed to Omar Bradley.
  6. Mexican Border Service Medal 15911 was issued to 2nd Lieutenant G. A. Livingston from Detroit Michigan. An officer's medal, nice find. Source: Mexican Border Service Medal Issue Records compiled and edited by JoAnn Williams and Robert H. Reynolds.
  7. Might be someone playing a prank on him. Back in the late 1970's our watch officer wore his blues on watch because he had a meeting right after with the Captain. He left his white hat unattended and we turned the eagle upside down to prank him. Needless to say he was not happy with us when he got back from his meeting.
  8. It looks like a winged shoe to me. Maybe some sort of track and field award?
  9. It is impressive seeing it here! It must be amazing in person. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  10. Thank you for posting the program scan. I have been to Chattanooga but never knew they had an encampment there.
  11. Great badges, and I have never seen one of the programs before. Wonderful! I love seeing the old G.A.R. encampment medals.
  12. Are the medals numbered? If so they should be tractable.
  13. I don't think the people laying on it minded.
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