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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the confirmation. This is proving to be a difficult task. Looks like I may have to shelve it for a few decades and hope more information is released. Thanks again!
  2. Hello all, I've been attempting to identify the recipient of this Soldier's Medal. Based on my research, I believe it to be Post-WW2 officially engraved, but I'm not for certain, as it seems the Soldier's Medals were engraved in a wide variety of styles (based on posts in this forum). I did also find that there were several "Hugh P. Cox" that served during WW2, but nothing indicating any won the SM. My questions are: -Legit official engraving? Period? -Anyone know any other resources for research on Solider's Medals? ( I saw someone here had amassed a list of over half th
  3. After thinking over Dave's comments, I've decided that I'll display "as is." Thanks for the input!
  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. I see. I was hoping that there was some resource out there that lists out the awards similar to what I found in Momsen's documentation. In regards to your concern, this is for display purposes only. Even if they awards are not his, it makes a nice display (IMO). If I ever decide to sell, I deconstruct the group back to the way it was when I bought it to avoid the concerns you outlined. I don't have many groups that have additional decorations missing, I'm looking for more of the common stuff (ETO, CIB, GCM, etc.) Resources I've tried include
  5. Hello all, I have several single named medals and I was wondering how one could find out what other medals an soldier earned. For example, I have a KIA PH to Leonard Momsen. When reviewing the paperwork that came with medal, I found out he was entitled to a Silver Star, CIB, Victory, etc. (According to AmericanWarGraves.com). When I tried to search for this website, I found that it no longer exists. I was wondering what other resource I could use to find the full medal compliments for other named medals I own. I assume everyone was awarded a victory, but I'm looking for things such as the
  6. Hello all, I have looked all over and cannot identify the medal for this ribbon. The closest thing I can find is the British Military Cross, but it has a purple stripe and this is dark blue. Thoughts? Thanks for the help in advance!
  7. Thanks for the comment. Glad that my conclusions on this one seem to be spot on. In regards to the name, he's the only one that has ever existed (that I can find), so it makes it very easy. Still would like to hear others opinions!
  8. Army Transport List...…..Not sure why the two pictures are so small, trying to make them larger.
  9. Hello all, Here is a WW1 recipent of the PH I picked up. I found his WW1 Georgia Service Card indicating he was wounded on Sept. 28th, 1918 in the Champagne Offensive. See additional research in photos. I believe that the engraving on this one is probably from the 50-60s and is officially done. I assume that WW1 vets could apply for their medals when they please, so he was likely a late( r ) applicant and that is why it is engraved in this style. Just wanted to confirm that my research was correct and there weren't any red flags with this one. Also, does anyone else have a PH to a
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for the response. I saw two for sale the other day, but named in the style in the thread I posted. One was for a WW2 KIA and the other guy survived. Im assuming that the KIA would have to be a re-issue. The other one could be the veteran requested it named or a re-issue?
  11. Hi Brian, Thanks for the reply. I looked again and found the below thread. I don't think I'm referring to small machine engaved, but rather "stamped." I see this type of naming on SS in several threads and the consensus is that is from the 50s. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/190638-wwii-us-silver-star-medal-named-numbered-and-history/?hl=%2Bnamed+%2Bsilver+%2Bstar My question is, could a posthumous SS from 1945 be named in this style?
  12. Follow-up question: Would all WW2 posthumous Silver Stars be hand engraved? I did some looking around and saw that stamped/machine engraved (not sure which term is correct) are considered 50s or later... Thanks!
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