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  1. I recently acquired a small lot of military patches that includes a patch/banner with "Student 2" painted on it. It has some stitching and little straps used to secure it to something. I have tried looking for anything resembling it through internet searches with no results. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Scott
  2. Wow, this is really awesome. I appreciate all the information. I will definitely fill out the form for service records. You all have definitely given us a better insight into his service.
  3. I am currently looking for any additional on my wifes grandfather. We were able to find a service card, photographs on Okinawa, Purple Heart, and Japanese good luck flag while moving my father-in-law. The only additional information I have is on his service card-William M. Smith , LT grade and service number 296581. He was a chaplain in the Navy. I would post his card but continue to get the file to big message. My father-in-law does not have any additional information due to his medical condition. What resources are available to obtain detailed information on his service? Would like to
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