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  1. I've just added a Philippines/China/West Indies/Sampson Medal group to my website, as well as several medals relating to the 10th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry for service in the Philippines. I've got another 200 or so medals in the pipeline and a few groups, including a WWI DSM/Silver Star group to an Artillery Brigade commander. My work is cut out for me for the near term.
  2. Joe, The books I referenced are: McDougall, Thomas D. Marksmanship Awards of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia (MVM), Part 1 "The First Family". Sterling, VA, 1997. McDougall, Thomas D. and Jeffrey B. Floyd. Marksmanship Awards of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia (MVM), Part II, “A Concise Medallic History”. Sterling, VA. 1999 McDougall, Thomas D. and Jeffrey B. Floyd. Marksmanship Awards of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 1880-1915. Round Hill, VA, 2007. There's some duplication in text, but the key is that they contain the rolls of many of the badges. I don't have any copies left other than what's in my library, but I'd be happy to look up numbers for you (I just need to badge type and number). Jeff Floyd
  3. Massachusetts had a very active marksmanship program. One of the aspects of it that is little-known is that the MVM changed its badge designs about every five years. In some cases, it was a completely new design, in other cases, it was adding silver or gold classes above the bronze basic award. That's why you don't see 15-bar marksmanship badges for Massachusetts. Usually, upon the fifth requalification, you jumped up a class. There are a couple of very small-run publications (25-30 copies) that contain the known rolls. More later as I get a chance to clear some rubble from my desk.
  4. Herman, Department of the Army General Orders back through 1948 are at: https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/AGO.aspx Jeff Floyd
  5. Chinese Order of the Cloud and Banner, seventh class.
  6. A good friend for more than 40 years, Bob was the epitome of "Semper Fi."
  7. JBFloyd

    Bill Wise

    Good man! Always helpful when I had dumb questions about patches.
  8. After a couple of "jail break" trips during the lockdown, I've been able to add some interesting medals to my website, including several Sampson Medals (more to come in that line), a 1932 Soochow Creek Medal and a national commander's badge of the Military and Naval Order of the Spanish-American War. More will be going up over the next few days. Thanks for looking, Jeff Floyd FloydMedals.com
  9. In 1985, I did much of the air target planning for what was to become Operation Eldorado Canyon, the April 1986 Navy/Air Force attack on Tripoli. In doing that, I spent a lot of time with the F-111 crews at RAF Lakenheath, who were always ready to strap on an airplane and go fly. While I was elsewhere when the attack was finally launched, I always pause on Memorial Day to remember Captains Fernando L. Ribas-Dominicci and Paul F. Lorence, 48th Tactical Fighter Wing, shot down and killed doing what their country asked.
  10. Det 1, 620th Tactical Control Squadron (callsign "Waterboy"), at Dong Ha, was the northernmost control and reporting post of the 505th Tactical Control Group. Dong Ha city, capital of Quang Tri Province, was the northernmost city in South Vietnam. Waterboy monitored/controlled air traffic over the approaches from North Vietnam, keeping allied aircraft from straying over the DMZ. The "black hand" on the patch is actually a search radar mounted on an 80-foot tall tower. The imagery depicts Dong Ha's proximity to the DMZ and the ability of radar to penetrate the DMZ into the north.
  11. Auctions, on-line or brick-and-mortar, post their terms and conditions, including commissions and fees. (Third-party shipping is another matter, but that is usually mentioned). If you are surprised by the costs, that's on you. I bid in a lot in European auctions. Before each one, I create a cheat-sheet that converts pounds or Euros to dollars, including all the fees and conversion rates. So, where the fees add 30%, my sheet shows $1 as $1.30. For US auctions, I do something similar simply to remind myself of the total cost. That way an $800 bid won't surprise me when it appears on the invoice as $1040. If the fees and costs are too high, don't bid!
  12. The Navy Civil War Medal roll is fragmentary, but neither of these is listed.
  13. This is almost certainly organizational, not military, but I'm looking a solid identification of the organization. The star is gilt, 3.3 inches in diameter (84mm), with no maker's marks (the backplate is missing) and well-made, but it doesn't ring a bell in my memory. Does anyone have evidence of who created or passed out this breast star.
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