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  1. I forgot that the bolt should be checked too... read the CMP info. I think your bolt is OK as it looks like it is swept back at a slight angle. I can't be sure though.
  2. One thing to be aware of on early M1903 rifles is that some had bolts/receivers that may not have been hardened properly. Good news! Yours is a high enough serial number so you there's no reason to not shoot it if it checks out functional. Here's the excerpt from the CMP website.... WARNING ON “LOW-NUMBER” M1903 SPRINGFIELDS M1903 rifles made before February 1918 utilized receivers and bolts which were single heat-treated by a method that rendered some of them brittle and liable to fracture when fired, exposing the shooter to a risk of serious injury. It proved impossible t
  3. Wow. Those sure are beefy bolts! I'm sure someone will have the research done and get you an answer soon. The device with the red paint on it is an M1 Carbine blank firing attachment (BFA). Not sure if you knew that and had it in the photo for size comparison.
  4. Since we're on the topic of rifle grenades, here's a little story... I grew up not far from a military training area. My dad grew up near this area and spent his life hunting, fishing and just having fun out there. We were driving around once day, June 22, 1984 to be exact (I was 12 years old), and he told me a story about when he was in this same area years ago that there was a range fire and all the National Guard training there left to fight the fire. He drove up to this empty squad live-fire range and there were these steel tubes stacked like cord-wood. He grabbed a couple from the stack
  5. Funny, just a couple days ago I was looking at/admiring an Ithaca Auto & Burglar on Gunbroker. Then you post this! Sadly the one on GB has a fractured pistol grip that's been repaired. Still, awesome pieces. I have touched off both barrels of a double gun before, but thinking of doing it with one of those would really be painful. Still, just wow. Thanks for posting.
  6. There are certainly some unique items out there. The ejection seat project looks intense. And as most folks like small ordnance like grenades, the 16" projectile is in a way different league. Very cool stuff indeed. Makes me smile. If y'all are like me, you can't really discuss it with most folks you run in to because they just can't grasp the concept of the hobby. Thanks for posting,
  7. These are a few of my favorite things.... sitting quietly in the man cave my wife refers to as, "The Bunker." Full size pics at... https://imgur.com/plNiJKo https://imgur.com/agy306G https://imgur.com/aiYYQ0z https://imgur.com/1TlQbQ8 https://imgur.com/2kJxMyS https://imgur.com/9kf27gC https://imgur.com/EkGdoL3 https://imgur.com/o9oWd5a https://imgur.com/Y3ng5nD
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