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  1. Thank you for clearing this up mate, now youve said that I realise it says SSS and that makes far more sense, many thanks Harvey
  2. No clue on the era of this jumper mate, but from the SS Bear's Wikipedia page some information could be gleamed. Tt seems to be that it saw a lot of service in Antarctica, and I found this on Wikipedia about a Cape Westbrook in Antrarctica which was mapped in 1947 by a US Navy expedition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Westbrook Could be way out but a fairly good guess either way. The Westbrook shoulder title could be a ship/expedition specific award.
  3. As 897 ORD says, the shininess looks to have been caused by the application of some sort of preservative, maybe some sort of 3 in 1 oil or such. I have only just started getting into US Helmets so others may have seen this darker colour before and my guess may be way out, but from the photos, which are pretty dark and small when I open them up, and my collecting of helmets from other nations, it looks like there are brown patches on the helmet which look similar to dormant rust spots when they have been treated with a preservative. This application is most likely post war by a collector, I can
  4. That's a great front-seam M1 mate, extra special that you have the story behind it as well, seems like he saw a fair bit of the world during his life. Is the heat stamp 048? If so this website has it listed as 01/1942 production. http://ghost.treaders.free.fr/identification_casque.php
  5. It's always very special to be able to visit the sites where our forefather's fought and fell, I try and go across as much as possible but have not been for a couple of years due to University, work, cost etc, hoping to go again this year though. I'm looking forward to utilising this forum in the future but also giving back too and help others learn. I'm making it my mission to get over for SoS.
  6. Hello guys, really appreciate the warm welcome, feels great I can't wait to start learning here and will hopefully have items to share here soon enough. Thank you for the ID Ed, I remembered it was a Ross but that was all, I found it while digging an old British Army dump in the UK with a metal detecting group, a few of the other finds are from the same dump. The rest of my items aren't pictured as they are all German or unrelated to US, hoping to change this soon though and be able to share here Der Finn, that's a great flight jacket mate, what an item to have, thank you for showing
  7. Apologies for having to put these photos in different replies, I was struggling to get the hang of the attach files option. I think I've got the hang of it now and I'll make sure I do before posting again
  8. Good afternoon/morning guys, Just wanted to quickly introduce myself as I'm very new here. My name is Harvey and I'm from the UK, currently at university studying while working part time, which means that every so often I can indulge in my hobby; collecting militaria. I took a while out of collecting after starting at around 15, for maybe a year and a half or so, but now my passion has been reignited and I can't quite figure out why I ever stopped in the first place as I love it. I've always had a passion for history and have been fortunate enough to head across the channel to visit the
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