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  1. Hey! I think you mean Helfenberg, not Helfrenberg. Helfenberg is a small town in the state "Baden-Württemberg" near Heilbronn. Here is a link to Wikipedia: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helfenberg_%28Ilsfeld%29 Too bad that it is only in german, but there are some nice pictures of the town also it is written that 21 buildings were destroyed by a bombing run back in april 1945.
  2. Thanks for your comments. I really like those glider wings too, it was a nice surprise do find the Sterling marks behind the needle. Maybe I get some more medals and stuff from the Pilot but it seems more likely that everything was ripped apart. :thumbdown:
  3. Yesterday a small box with three wings arrived at my place and so did my new camera lens. So I just had to make some close-ups, I hope you enjoy them!
  4. My second and last piece is an Air Medal with two silver Oak Leaf Clusters. It has a crimp broach and is named George Whaley and was hit many times. Maybe the owner was angry because the Broach was upside down.
  5. From time to time I run across US medals which weren‘t treated well. Sometimes when the price is right I still buy them. Until now I only have two messed up medals and they are resting in the dark areas of my collection, where they aren’t seen so often. Maybe some of you have similar medals so here is a topic where you can post pictures of them so they get a bit more attention. I start with my only Soldier’s Medal, it has a slot broach. The whole medal seemed to be painted at least two times; the ribbon is hard like stone.
  6. Thanks, that are great news! The brooch and clasp are black, it's as you noticed a reflection of the flash which change the colors a bit.
  7. Hello! I recently purchased this Distinguished Service Cross, this is my very first Distinguished Service Cross, so I wanted to ask you guys if it is an original WW2 era Distinguished Service Cross from the manufacture Robbins? And what would be a fair price for this Medal? So here are the pictures:
  8. Thanks for your compliments. I recently got two more Bronze Stars I want to show you, both are engraved and have slot broachs. The first one is named to A.W., so there is no way how I ever could research him but it’s definitely a nice piece and I got it cheap. Actually I wanted to stop buying named Bronze Stars without OLC’s etc. but they are such nice looking medals, plus Bronze Stars with devices are way harder to find. Still I was lucky and got the Bronze Star with a V device of Nicasio Lucero, he was a scout in the USAFIP, the US Army Forces in the Philippines. Here is
  9. Wow that was fast! Thank you all for your help!
  10. Hi! I recently bought this Jump Wing and I am concerned if it is an original period item. The mounting seems to be ok but on all the other pieces I saw was the Sterling marking on the right side instead of the left. I don't even know if this is important. So here are the pictures:
  11. So the second Silver Star came with a Bronze Star both are named to Jack Liebling, I really have to research him but I need to study a lot these days. Last but not least there is the Bronze Star awarded by David J Williams. Soon I will have more time and then I will finish my first display I allready bought the frame for it.
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