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  1. OK, thank you. I read a post which said that there were two versions: red spacers and black spacers (not certain). Now I have a dating for my knife. Especially as firms marked mk2 knives on the guards circa mid 1944. So this PAL knife should date from june 1943 to mid 1944 (approximately).
  2. Thank you very much Frank. I thought that PAL started the production earlier. Does it possible to tell the difference between knives of the first contract and knives of the second contract ?
  3. Hello, Thank you for the information. Does it possible to date this kind of PAL mk2 knife ?
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have it but it has red spacers and no aluminium pommel.
  5. Thank you mikedon. So it means that it exists and that it's a ww2 one ? It's an earlier model ? The first model of PAL mk2 knives during ww2 ? Thank you,
  6. Hello, I would like to know if PAL produced this following model of mk2: blade marking with "PAL" on a side and nothing on the other side. If yes, is it a ww2 model ? Which model is it ? Thank you very much !
  7. Thank you mikedon. I forget to add: overall view during WW2.
  8. Hello, I ask this question because it's difficult to find an overall view. I search information about the manufacturers of MK2-1219C2 knife: their models (guard marking, blade marking...), production quantities and dating of each models. I just know there were four: Pal, Camillus, Robeson and Union Cutlery. Thank you ver much,
  9. Great ! Thank you barryeye.
  10. Indeed, wonderful scabbards. Thank you for the sharing. In comparison with B 0/0 N and B 0/1 N, B 1/6 N would be a recent one !
  11. Beautiful knife Barryeye. Do you have a photo of the pommel ? Thank you,
  12. Hello, I'm searching for specifications about M8 scabbards from B.M. CO. Is the serial number (B 1/6 N in my case) allows to determine a period production ? Like MC Cord M1 shells for example. Thank you,
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