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  1. Since others are posting pics of civ vehicles painted up, I'll add mine. These pics were taken by a friend of my son. He was driving in these photos The paint job is several years old and needs to be redone. Maybe this summer
  2. I know that this is kind of a necropost, but I just came back from Ft Riley. My son just depolyed and he had to go to the surplus store in Junction City in order to get some spare nametapes made up. Nothing in Multicam was avaliable at the Clothing Sales store on post. When I was at Ft Hood in March, I didn't go to any of the on post stores, but all of the surplus stores in town that had the equipment, were making multicam name tapes.
  3. Look closely at the cargo pocket on his left leg. It has snaps on it. Most definitely 42's.
  4. I picked up one from What Price Glory a year or so ago. Looks like they still have them in stock $75.00 http://www.whatpriceglory.com/shopexd.asp?id=4558&bc=no
  5. Here are some pics of my "Meat Wagon". It's a 1985 M1010. It is pretty much all original. I do have all of the original BII for it as well as the red cross panels.
  6. Definitely a post VN chinstrap. The liner also has the snap in suspension which was late VN (I have one with a 73 mfg date on it) at best. Not worth the asking price IMHO
  7. If it were mine, I'd repaint it rather than risking removing the cork finish. J Murray carries the correct color paint for both the helmets and liners
  8. Yes, both sides are sewn on. Here are some close up pics of the buckle and stitching. The stitching is definitely added later. The material is also much thicker than the rest of the A-strap. Left side detail Right side detail
  9. I purchased this liner several years ago and haven't dug it out for quite a while. What I found interesting is the chincup attachment. I've never seen a setup like this. Does anyone else have one of these in thier collection? It appears that it has a 1964 or 1984 date on it. I've tried to read the stamping on the webbing, but have not been able to positively ID the mfg date. This is the way it was when I recieved it. It shown no signs of a repaint or anything else like that.
  10. That's not even re-enactor grade. If somebody showed up at my reenactment unit with that abortion, we'd send them packing.
  11. So let me get this straight..... They're getting $478.00 for a laptop case made out of discarded materials... Man, I'm in the wrong business
  12. I'm no expert by any means on bicycles, but with it being marked "Hickam AFB" I'd be leaning towards late 40's - 50's vintage since the Air Force wasn't created until 1947. Before that, they were called Army Air Bases or Army Air Fields.
  13. I'm going to say that it's a US Cav deal or commercial mfg of some sort. I never saw anything like that in my supply room. I have 2 OG canteen covers with the same NSN that I KNOW are authentic issue (I was issued them in the mid 80's) The military would have issued a different NSN for camoflauge items.
  14. Cool. Glad it worked. I just picked up a 1965 dated one but haven't had a chance to fire it up.
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