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  1. Check out this eBay listing and note that the 2-digit date in the contract number on the helmet cover has been modified. At first, I was inclined to think that it was just an honest mistake in misreading the contract number on the part of the seller, but given the fact that this seller has been selling 2 to 3 Vietnam era helmets per week for quite a few years, (since 2005), and provides a detailed description on each item - to include correctly dating the contract numbers in each of his helmet listings - I am inclined to believe that he knows full well that the contract number on the helmet co
  2. ********************************************************************* This photo was taken by Tim Page in March 1969. The only thing this photo shows is that a deep flap Mitchell pattern helmet cover was worn by a 1st ID soldier in Vietnam in March 1969. The photo does not provide any information relative to the contract number on the cover nor the date of manufacture.
  3. ************************ I have four shallow flap covers, made of twill, that are stamped "Contract No. 9005" and five deep flap covers that are stamped "Contract No. 9005". The stitches that join the two halves, on both the shallow and deep covers, are identical. Both versions are sewn together with a double row stitch that includes a single stitch and a ladder stitch. All of my short flap, twill covers, that have a 4-digit contract stamp, which I believe were manufactured in FY 1964-1965, have this exact same stitch pattern. These contract numbers include: 8056, 8116, 8189 and 90
  4. I have quite a few complete US Marine Corps issue helmet sets that I personally obtained directly from a crate that was stored in a warehouse aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley Butler, Okinawa Japan, during my tour in the Corps - along with several early Vietnam era helmet sets that came from the estates of Marine Corps vets that saw their last years in communities located near Camp Lejeune, NC and Camp Pendleton, CA., and a '64-'65 dated Vietnam era helmet that was presented to me as a Christmas gift by an older cousin who served two tours in the Army as a grunt in Vietnam to include a fir
  5. Given the fact that the contract numbers on quite a few helmet covers can be difficult to ascertain, due to the small size and the fact that some have blurred print, I believe that four contract numbers on this list are erroneous. It appears that the digits "6" and "8" have been mistaken for one another on at least three contract numbers while the digits "3" and "8" were mistaken on one. Also, contract number DSA 100-76-F-U363 does not appear on the list. I suspect that the following 5 contract numbers are erroneously listed: 1.) Contract No. 5626?: While Contract No. 5626, a contr
  6. "74-H-120" was . Stock number 74-H-120 is listed as the WWII era Quartermaster Corps' stock number for "Helmet, Body, Steel, M-1, With Flexible Loop". This stock number is listed under Class 74, Individual Field Equipment, Quartermaster Catalog QM-5 and QM-6.
  7. That cover is the real deal. The shade of the green base looks markedly similar to a first pattern that I have on hand. If you happen to have a cover that was manufactured by the Blue Anchor Overall Company in 1953, compare the base color on this cover to that one and let me know if there is a significant difference in the two shades.
  8. I agree Ben. The box stitch on helmet bands is post WWII. I have a helmet band that is double bar tacked - the bar tacks, which are vertical, or perpendicular to the band, were done in the same manner as the bar tack on the WWII chin straps. I would post a photo of the band and the bar tack - but it is not accessible at this time.
  9. Simon does not have a box of NOS helmets that are contract dated prior to DSA 100-70-C-0252. He cannot assist. Someone has these - and I shall find him...this is a research project. Your assistance in locating a box is greatly appreciated.
  10. Here's a link to the ebay seller, St. Albert Surplus, in Canada. While he has boxes of NOS M-1s, they are post Vietnam "DLA" contracts. http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-x-M1-HELMET-SHELLS-BRAND-NEW-NEW-OLD-STOCK-/271249370770?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item3f27b8ee92
  11. Thank you for the response. Yes, I am aware of this seller. His ebay ID is St. Albert Surplus. His inventory is primarily post Vietnam 1984 contracts (DLA 100-81-C-3489). I am specifically looking to connect with someone that has DSA contracts that are prior to 1970.
  12. I am looking to contact anyone that has boxes of NOS M-1 helmets that have a DSA contract date that is prior to DSA 100-70-C-0252. Specific contracts include the following: DSA 1-8941 INGERSOLL PRODUCTS DSA 1-9017 McCord CORPORATION DSA 1-9209 INGERSOLL PRODUCTS DSA 100-2069 INGERSOLL PRODUCTS DSA 100-3013 INGERSOLL PRODUCTS DSA 100-67-C-3898 INGERSOLL PRODUCTS DSA 100-69-C-0682 DANA CORPORATION, PARISH DIVISION If you have any of the boxes listed above, or know someone that does, please pm me for contact information.
  13. I use baby powder. Sprinkle a bit of powder over the heat stamp, then wipe the excess away with a lightly damp sponge and you should get a result that is similar to the one in the attached photo (This is a heat stamp from a Nam era shell).
  14. Gold wings on a blue background led me to suspect that this might be a US ARMY AIR FORCE Squadron as the USAAF squadrons had an affinity for gold wings on a blue background, for example, see the 10th and 12th USAAF at the following link: http://wwiisquadronpatches.com/SquadronPatchAAFArmyAirForce1.html
  15. Outstanding! That's one squared away FNG ya got there Justin! err-yut!
  16. All ega stencils on WWII USMC helmet covers, regardless of pattern, were applied after WWII. There are three versions of the ega that are found on these covers. I have a cover that has all three. Two versions are stenciled and one is an iron-on. The first version is found on covers that were manufactured during WWII. There is no banner in the eagle's beak; there is no rope on the anchor - it is a solid black stencil that was applied after WWII (See this version on the helmet photo attached). The second version is found on covers that were manufactured by the Blue Anchor Overall Compan
  17. I heard it from a good friend who, heard it from his best friend who, heard it from a guy who used to be a really good friend - that everyone of these helmets were found in the hayloft of a barn that was located in a field near Normandy...true dat!
  18. The colors on the exposed section of this leaf-pattern cover are significantly more faded than the colors that are located in the section between the liner and shell. The fading on the chin strap web is consistent with the fading on the cover; the rust transfer on the brown side is consistent with the rust on the interior of the shell. This set appears to have been together for quite a long time - it looks fine to me.
  19. Doh! Mike, you're right. I completely spaced this one out. I have six of these bears, complete with 1953 dated 3-section poles, 5 wooden tent pegs and the guide line for each one. The TAP number is 882: SHELTER HALF, TENT, CAMOUFLAGE, TAP-882, DATED 13 MARCH 1953.
  21. CAP, FIELD, PILE, M-1951 TAP 2228, 16 JUNE 53 (Note the A.S.T.A.P.A. stamp).
  22. CAP, FIELD COTTON, M-1951 TAP-2027, 29 MAY 1953 (Note the A.S.T.A.P.A. stamp at the bottom).
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