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  1. I've had the same questions regarding this matter, and, like you, I could find no information on the net. It would stand to reason that the following items would have replaced the WWII components in the M-2 First AId Kit: Dressing, First Aid, Stock No. 2-017-455 as a replacement for the WWII Dressing Stock No. 9208200 Abbot Labs Halazone Tablets dated Aug / Sept 1950 as a replacement for the 1940's Abbot Labs issue.. Iodine vial, Stock No. 1-235-110 as a replacement for the WWII issue Iodine Vial Stock No, 9111800. I've found nothing on the upgrade for the M-2 from the 1940's to the
  2. I obtained a nice group of WWII medical supplies. While I can identify most of the items as WWII military issue, there 3 small bottles of water purification tablets that I am not familiar with. The information below appears on the label. Are these bottles a component of a First Aid or Survival Kit? What can you tell me about them? Bottle 1: (1-1/8 ” high x 1/2” wide) Photo 1 Tablets, Water Purification, Individual, Chlorine Van Brode Milling Co., Inc. Clinton, Mass. Bottle 2: (1” high x 1/2” wide) Photo 2 Contents: 15 Halazone Tablets For the Disinfection of Drinking Water Mf
  3. Thank you sir! and Semper fi! I also have 3 very small bottles of water purification tablets that came with this group, 1 bottle was in the OD match safe. I'll post them next.
  4. I obtained a nice group of WWII medical supplies. While I can identify most of the items as WWII military issue, there 2 vials that I am not familiar with. They are both approximately 2-3/4” high x 1” wide with screw caps. In light of the fact that every item that I can ID is WWII era, I am assuming these vials fall within that period. Vial 1: Olive drab in color, marked “K-M” on the bottom. Appears to be military issue. What is the nomenclature and era for this vial? WWII? Korea? Vial 2: Translucent amber in color, no markings. Appears to be a tablet vial. What is the nomenclature and er
  5. Verified. The MX991/U was first issued to military personnel during the Vietnam war. The switch guard is a post-Vietnam war era modification.
  6. I made my annual 135 mile pilgrimage, from El Cajon to Pomona, on Friday. An outstanding event - as always.
  7. Ken Nolan USMC cover block in its original box.
  8. Great News! I am the "someone" that paid over $200 for this cover, knowing full well that it was a repro! I paid $224.72 with $8.00 shipping for a total of $232.74 to be exact. I watched several novices bid this cover up to $222.22 and decided that an intervention was needed. I won the cover at $224.72, promptly paid for it, received it, removed it from the shipping box, placed it next to one of my originals, took photos, sent a message to the seller to notify him that it was a reproduction and provided the side by side photos to show the differences. Since the listing stated that the seller d
  9. The "M 3/9" on the lower edge of the helmet cover indicates that he was assigned to "Mike Company, 3rd Battalion / 9th Marines. 3/9 was the first battalion sized ground combat unit deployed to Vietnam. The battalion landed at Red Beach, Republic of Vietnam on 8 March 1965. The unit was comprised of 6 companies to include: Headquarters and Service Company Weapons Company India Company Kilo Company Lima Company Mike Company
  10. Yes, the "1" followed by 4 digits "0255" indicates that this is an Ingersoll heat stamp.
  11. Warning - Fake alert: Be advised that the helmet cover in the following eBay listing, with a BUY IT NOW at $250.00, is a reproduction WWII USMC helmet cover. eBay Listing Number: 222226137723. eBay Listing Title: M-1 Helmet, Helmet Liner, USMC Camo Cover eBay Seller ID: wkrpcinci
  12. I have three boxes of NOS M-1 helmets that were manufactured by the Parish Division of the Dana Corporation under contract DSA 100-70-C-0252. The original shipping label, which is still on the box, indicates that this group was shipped directly from the DSA facility in Richmond, VA to Marine Corps Supply Center Barstow, CA. I can assure you that I was the first to break the original seal on these boxes. I created an inventory of the heat stamps in all 3 boxes, mapped by their location in each box, as I removed them from each box. The boxes consisted of 4 columns of 5 shells with a waffle pad s
  13. The attached photo shows the difference in color between the detachable webbing in the 1973 liner, which was manufactured under the Defense Supply Agency (DSA) contract and the detachable webbing in a 1983 dated liner that was manufactured under the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) contract period. The liner on the left shows the 1973 liner with detachable webbing while the liner on the right shows a 1983 liner with detachable webbing. Note that the color of the detachable webbing, sweatband and neckband in the '83 liner is considerably darker than the webbing in the '73 liner.
  14. In the attached photo, note that the color of the 1973 dated sweatband, contract stamp DSA 100-73-C-0476, and the 1973 dated neckband, contract stamp DSA 100-73-C-0444, match the color of the detachable webbing. The color of the detachable webbing on the 1980''s dated liners is noticeably darker. I'll attach a photo showing the difference in these colors in the next post.
  15. I've attached a photo of my 1973 dated helmet liner. The detachable webbing is original to this liner. Note that the white tag in this liner is identical to yours. The date on the tag is SEPT 7, 1973 and the contract is DSA100-74-C-0208. Since the manufacturer provided the date and contract on the white tag and the webbing was an integral part of the liner, the webbing is not stamped with a date and contract. The webbing for the 1973 detachable liner is stamped as follows: SUSPENSION ASSEMBLY FOR LINERS, GROUND TROOPS' HELMET You can see this stamp on the liner webbing - note that it
  16. If you want the correct suspension for this 1973 dated liner (late Vietnam era), you need to be attentive to the contract stamp on the suspension. The correct suspension for this liner will be stamped with a contract code that begins with the letters "DSA". For example, the correct contract format would be DSA 100-XX-C-XXXX - with the first two X's representing the last two digits of the year of contract. The correct suspension for this liner would be stamped DSA 100-73-C-XXXX - with the "73" representing the year as 1973. If you want the correct suspension, stay away from contract stamps that
  17. The stamp can be used to identify the manufacturer and, since manufacturers were awarded contracts that were specific to a range of years, it can provide you with a range of years in which that helmet would have been manufactured. In the case where an ARVN Ranger helmet was acquired in Saigon by a veteran whose tour ranged from 1968-1969, it is reasonable to expect that the stamp on the helmet would belong to a manufacturer that was awarded a contract prior to the year 1968. A stamp identifying the manufacturer as the Parish Division of the Dana Corporation or R.J. Stampings would not be found
  18. This photo was taken after removing the original paper packaging that had been placed on top of each stack when they were originally packaged in this box. The original waffle padding was still sandwiched between each helmet. Each helmet had the post Vietnam chinstrap made of nylon / cotton cup attached and a Styrofoam padding covered the bales on each set as shown in the second photo below.
  19. This photo was taken right after I cut and opened the box which was still sealed with its original packing tape.
  20. I have 2 boxes of US M-1 helmets. The boxes, which had never been opened, contained 4 stacks of 5 helmets in NOS / unissued condition. The helmets were in their original packing material - a waffle pad was sandwiched between each helmet and several sheets of paper padding were on top of each stack. The boxes are stamped with the correct NSN, 8470-00-255-8579 and the Defense Logistics Agency contract number, DLA 100-81-C-3489 indicates that they were manufactured under a US government defense contract in fiscal year 1981. The box also has a stamp that reads "/82". This is the date that the box
  21. Three digit heat stamps on rear seam M-1 helmets that begin with 4, 5, 6 or 7 indicate the manufacturer as R.J. Stampings of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. These helmets are typically fitted with the post Vietnam cotton / nylon chinstrap that has a chin cup and attaches to the bales with removable clips. These are the only helmets that were shipped with combination duct tape / Styrofoam padding located near the bales (see photo). If you have an M-1 helmet with a 3 digit heat stamp and a white residue located near each bail, you have an R.J. Stampings helmet. Actual heat stamps found on R.J. Stampin
  22. The only "MAYHEW" I could find was assigned to the 101st ABN. However, if the "Y" in "MAYHEW" is actually a "T" that is being misread as a "Y" - then the name would be "MATHEW". Here is another HOSTILE, HELICOPTER - CREW AIR LOSS that may be your "MAYHEW". HENRY DON MATHEWS SGT - E5 - Army - Regular 1st Cav Div Length of service 1 years His tour began on Jul 24, 1968 Casualty was on Jun 19, 1969 In , SOUTH VIETNAM HOSTILE, HELICOPTER - CREW AIR LOSS, CRASH ON LAND Body was recovered Panel 22W - Line 91 Source: http://thewall
  23. "CHOPPER MATI" sounds like the nick for a helicopter crew member with a last name of Matthew, Mathias, etc. I searched for a 1st Cav helicopter crew member casualty and found that SGT. Walter Matis Jr. is a strong possibility: WALTER FRANCIS E MATIS JR SGT - E5 - Army - Regular 1st Cav Division (AMBL) Length of service 6 years His tour began on Mar 16, 1968 Casualty was on Apr 19, 1968 In THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM HOSTILE, HELICOPTER - CREW AIR LOSS, CRASH ON LAND Body was recovered Source: http://thewall-usa.com/info.asp?recid=32970
  24. JOHNNIE LEE BRIGMAN PVT - E1 - Army - Regular 1st Cav Division (AMBL) Length of service 1 years His tour began on Oct 13, 1968 Casualty was on May 29, 1969 In BINH LONG, SOUTH VIETNAM HOSTILE, GROUND CASUALTY OTHER EXPLOSIVE DEVICE Body was recovered Panel 23W - Line 13 SOURCE: VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL - THE WALL ​http://thewall-usa.com/info.asp?recid=5644
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