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  1. I still can't believe that what German 88's and machine guns couldn't kill was felled by something we cannot even see! I will miss you so much Bob. RIP brave soldier and a GREAT man!
  2. Was informed yesterday that my good friend Bob Bridge had passed away due to complications from Covid. Bob was a veteran of B Company - 325th GIR - 82nd AB who fought with the unit from Market Garden through the end of the war. He told me many interesting stories and gave great insight into what some situations were like for them during the war. From the fog lifting on them when they were advancing across the Mook Plains leaving them exposed to intense German artillery and machine gun fire to how cold and miserable it was in the Ardennes stopping the German advance using little more than th
  3. "When soldiers came out of the field for periods of rest, they would typically receive their back pay, which meant the soldiers would normally have relatively large sums of money to throw around." Have heard some funny stories from some of the 325th GIR men I met at reunions and such about how many of them didn't mind and would throw their money at whatever was available: drink, food, clothing, and even some unmentionable professionals. Most didn't mind as they didn't have time or place to spend it when engaged on the lines. Some characters for sure!!!!!
  4. Very cool and thanks again for sharing your items and your research for us here. I really like this patch and the thought of night fighting in a WWII fighter quite frankly terrifies me.....cannot even imagine!
  5. In one phrase: stunning and humbling all at the same time. An amazing PH medal to a brave seaman who perished on one of the most important and pivotal missions of the 20th century. Thanks for sharing it here with us......
  6. I too am one that is glad to see you back around these parts my old friend! Heck, you are the one that turned me on to this forum in its formative years when I followed you from the "bad guys" to the good side of collecting. Good to hear you are well!!!!
  7. Posted this in the "Wanted" section of the forum as well but thought that I would throw this on here since this is where the "flock" gathers! "Looking to replace a matching set of WWII enlisted EGA's on a WWII 3rd MAW Alpha jacket. It had a matching set on it with roller backed EGA's that I removed and gifted to a young man that is a life long friend of our family that just graduated high school with my oldest daughter and who is now in San Diego for his MEPS. He has always dreamed of becoming a Marine and is now in process. He is currently waiting his 14 days there right now.
  8. Pre-WWII blues would have the Phila. QMD stamp and a date in the inside of the sleeve and NO front pockets. During WWII they did not issue dress blues and the ones that you find will be private purchase items. These are extremely hard to nail down on both ID and date made. Post war, as Patrick stated the Corps starting reissuing blues and had the pockets in the front below the belt. I hope this helps and I am not wrong as I am not an expert nor am I at home to reference any of my materials right now. Also, the USMC stopped wearing divisional patches on their uniforms shortly after WWII wh
  9. Did you ever find the buttons you were looking for?
  10. Great picture Eric! Amazing that Lt. Olson looks like he is about 12 in this picture yet is serving overseas with an elite AB unit and as an officer to boot!
  11. Could this be an early USMC bell crown that was aquirred from the Army before the Marine uniforms showed up? I have seen some WWI Marine uniforms that were requisitioned from the Army (Army cut/buttons/etc.). Just a thought but I don't think this would be all that unusual......now as far as tracking this Marine down, I wish you luck. Maybe you will get lucky out there and find someone who has a roster that you can reference. Nice he has all 3 initials in the cover instead of just last name, first initial. Keep us posted on what you can find.
  12. Fantastic find! Can you show some close up pics of the wings and oval? Very, very cool pick up!
  13. Very cool patch and one that I certainly have never seen before! Purple is an interesting touch to the color scheme as well!
  14. Absolutely! He was ordered, then warned, to get out of bed at the directed time. He failed to do so, in turn violating an order. Yes, was punished for not getting out of bed when ordered. My struggle with my kids every morning it seems!!!!!!
  15. Great grouping Andrew. These early attributed groups amaze me that after well over 100 years they remain together. Very nice medal group.
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