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  1. WOW!!! What an awesome collection/museum. Amazing....truly amazing.
  2. Now that is one cool and creative squadron patch. Love it and can honestly say I have never seen this patch before. Thanks for the write up and sharing the patch with us here.
  3. Nice original WWII era greenback.......good looking patch Serge!
  4. What an interesting and historically significant group of medals. Very cool that Kurt was able to pull the award cards that show that the USN/USMC gold stars are right as rain. Very cool grouping indeed.
  5. Terrible news. Bob was always so friendly and willing to help me out with any questions I had with great knowledge and kind guidance. RIP Marine, you will be missed.
  6. Dennis, superb little dio and LOVE the subject matter. Your figures look awesome and you can almost hear the cursing and see the sweat on them!
  7. A VERY, VERY nice pick up indeed. Wish I had never sold my Heer dress dagger set. I miss it. Nice pick ups Bob!
  8. I would concur with Allan and Kadet. The 101st is likely late 50's era with the 82nd being post war/occupation period. Nice modified Ike's and a good couple in their own right, but definitely not pre-1945. Glad the pictures came up to see them though!!!!
  9. Cannot see any of your pictures but I can tell you that it is not all that uncommon to find an Ike that has button down pockets and a zippered front. These were done to ensure a spiffy look on leave or for the return home. No pictures so can't really tell anything on age at all. Many were post war altered in Germany and Britain for the big triumphant return of the victors to keep that fresh squared away look to their uniform.
  10. This is really an interesting thread so far, and one that I will be checking back on often. This is a great grouping and a great find to an early US participant in the European Theater. Very good story and write ups on "Max" so far!
  11. Nice pistol and document! Wonder how many of these weapons that were turned in for safe keeping ended up "disappearing" or being confiscated by those responsible for "safe keeping"? I would guess plenty!
  12. Very nice uniform to a Thunderbird for sure! Great story to go along with it as well. Thanks for sharing this gem with us here!
  13. Love these posts you put out each week. I am NOT a wing collector, nor a WWI collector, but these examples of the wings from this era are amazing and are all truly works of art. They are some of the nicest, most detailed insignia of any branch or era that I can imagine. Thanks for taking the time to post these each week for us here on the forum to enjoy the "eye candy" that comes from looking at these wings! Again, not just insignia, but works of art in their detail and look. Wow!!!
  14. Agree with both Ron and Bob above, a terrible fake and not anywhere close to looking like a real one would. One wonders if the person that made this has ever even seen a good one in hand since it is so bad.
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