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  1. Very cool patch and one that I certainly have never seen before! Purple is an interesting touch to the color scheme as well!
  2. Absolutely! He was ordered, then warned, to get out of bed at the directed time. He failed to do so, in turn violating an order. Yes, was punished for not getting out of bed when ordered. My struggle with my kids every morning it seems!!!!!!
  3. Great grouping Andrew. These early attributed groups amaze me that after well over 100 years they remain together. Very nice medal group.
  4. Wow, wow, and wow! Just another fantastic group for us to drool over! Great history, nice write up, and amazing items. Dick, does your collection for historically significant and rare items have an end, or is it nearly infinite? I have seen some of the most amazing and jaw dropping groups you have posted on this forum over the years and still they just KEEP coming. Another great thread......thanks for posting it for us to see here once again!
  5. Another gem from the collection Dick. Thanks for sharing it with us here. Very nice to have the art work and photo to go with this awesome documented grouping. Super cool.
  6. What a cool gift and a very thoughtful wife. I am sure there are not a ton of copies of this book around and would be a very valuable resource for someone wanting to focus on what was surely a fairly small number of individuals back then that served.
  7. Another absolutely stunning piece from your collection Mr. Lipps! Talk about rare! I have never, ever seen any examples of the 1st Byrd medal. Question, did the gold and silver version have different ribbons/drapes than your bronze one? Thanks for sharing this gem with us.
  8. Indeed. Met him a couple of times when he was the Mayor of South Bend. Great guy and very personable and friendly. We lost a good one when he passed. RIP Hoosier!!!!
  9. Not so sure about your assumption. The SS certainly could be the SS that would go with the ribbon bar. Perhaps his Mexican Campaign ribbon was lost somewhere through the years but I think that it is ENTIRELY possible that your SS, one of the PH's, and the VM could all belong together. I assume you found them all at the same time/place? I would wait until you have a chance to get the ID on the SS then you can further your research. You may be able to pull the man's file and find that it confirms the correct PH for the grouping as well.
  10. Wow, Andrew this is a jaw dropping-ly rare and historic grouping to a brave Marine who was killed so early on in what at the time must have felt like (to them at least) a hopeless and futile resistance to a far superior IJN force. This is the stuff of legend and it is such a delight to be able to see a real, and attributed group to one of the brave men who sacrificed their life in such a famous battle so early in the conflict! Simply outstanding and a real pleasure to view.
  11. WOW!!! What an awesome collection/museum. Amazing....truly amazing.
  12. Now that is one cool and creative squadron patch. Love it and can honestly say I have never seen this patch before. Thanks for the write up and sharing the patch with us here.
  13. Nice original WWII era greenback.......good looking patch Serge!
  14. What an interesting and historically significant group of medals. Very cool that Kurt was able to pull the award cards that show that the USN/USMC gold stars are right as rain. Very cool grouping indeed.
  15. Terrible news. Bob was always so friendly and willing to help me out with any questions I had with great knowledge and kind guidance. RIP Marine, you will be missed.
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